Friday, August 15, 2008

TV Talk

Since a lot of the shows I have been watching have come to an end I thought it was time for some TV talk.
The Next Food Network star ended a few weeks ago and Aaron was the winner. I wanted Adam to win but after watching Aarons first show ""Big Daddy's House" I have to say that I am glad he won now.
So You Think You Can Dance ended last week and I found out Joshua was the winner. He was my pick to win and he definitely deserved it. It is still hard for me to believe that he never had formal dance training before. Unfortunately I missed the finale because my DVR didn't tape it. I can't find it anyplace else to watch it now either. Even though I know he won I would still like to see the finale so if you know of someplace I can watch it let me know.
The Mole ended Monday night and Craig was the Mole. I had him picked all along. I am glad that Mark won. He really deserved it.
Now for some talk about the shows that are still going on.
We are all still watching Big Brother and agree Michelle really needs to go. I don't have a clear winner picked right now but I am leaning towards Renny or Dan at the moment.
I am behind on episodes of. Tori and Dean, Shear Genius and Project Runway because Emilia and I have been watching the Olympics late at night so I will talk about them next time.
Emilia and my favorite show right now is The Greatest American Dog. Star is our pick to win. What a great dog! Did you see the episode where the contestants were given a word and were suppose take a picture of their dog showing it? Well the other day Emilia and I found Lily on the couch like this and I was able to snap a picture just in time. We think this is a great description of the word loving. What do you think?

Well that's enough TV talk for now. I think I will start making this a regular monthly feature. I would love to know what your thoughts are about these shows if you watch them too. In the meantime I will be back with some more stamping projects to share soon.


Melyssa R
Boulder County, CO

Of those shows I only watch the dog one. We are pulling for Star or Andrew. I LOVE that photo of Lily, she is beautiful.

Linda said...

That is a precious photo of Lily, she looks like an angel.
I enjoy watching Big Daddy also, I actually wanted the girl to win, I can't believe I have forgotten her name already. Big Brother, it is a real sassy crowd this time. Dan is the one I would like to see win, but his odd behavior while being American's Player, may cost him the game.