Tuesday, November 15, 2016

October Recap

Happy November. Hope your October was a good one. Still in the 60's and 70's here we are suppose to get some rain/snow on Thursday though. Some moisture would be nice I just hope we don't get it all at once though.
Unfortunately the Rheumatologist appointment I talked about in the last post was a waste of time and money, Once again all the blood work came back normal and the steroids didn't really help the pain much. They also did some x-rays of my shoulder, neck, spine, hands and chest. The only thing that showed up that might explain the pain is a fusion at C4-C5 in my neck which was a surprise to me because I never  did anything to cause it which means it may just be genetic. I did have an MRI in 2001 on my neck though but there was never any discussion about it being there then which does not make any sense. This doctors suggestion was to see a pain management specialist.   Not sure what they are going to do though because there is still no real diagnosis for the pain. On top of that the health insurance we have now will not cover it so I have to wait until the New Year when hopefully we will have better insurance to even pursue it. That is not looking promising though. So far what I have seen is a joke. More money that what we are paying now and even less coverage. In the meantime the new direct care doctor I talked about in the last post seems to think it is something neurological now since autoimmune/antinflamatory has been ruled out bases on blood work. After discussing things we decided to try a new med but unfortunately the side effects have been worse than the pain. I told the doctor about it and asked to try a similar med with less side effects but he is pushing me to keep taking this one and see if the side effects go away not sure how much more I can handle though. I have to be able to function. All this time and money spent this year and I still don't have any real answers basically they are just guessing. At this point I am just going to have to take some time to  reevaluate things and decide where to go from here. If any of you reading this have any suggestions please let me know.
On a happier note only 10 more days until the Gilmore Girls revival. Emilia and I are on our 3rd time watching the series now so can't wait to see where things pick back up.
Things in our Etsy shop had been really slow but now that Halloween and the election are over our Winter Onederland party theme is starting take off. Emilia just added the bodysuit,tutu and matching bow. I made this new ribbon banner to go with the set.

We also have it in silver and pink. I made this crown with marabou feather trim to go with it.

We received this great photo from a buyer of her dog wearing our boy dog party hat and matching bow tie. Isn't he adorable?
Finally with Thanksgiving coming up I wanted to share this recipe with you all. I tried these Paleo Pumpkin Pie bars and they are delish. I would highly recommend them.
That's all for now. I hope those of you that are celebrating Thanksgiving in a few weeks have a great one. Even with all my medical drama this year I know I still have a lot to be thankful for. I hope you do too.