Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Lady

Happy Monday and the last day of March.The sun is shining but it is very windy here so it looks like it is going out like a lion. At least we made it to spring though.  Hope all is well were you are. It feels like the month flew by. My 45th birthday was on the 25th. Since it was a Tuesday we did not to anything too exciting. It was a beautiful day though and we were able to go to the park for a nice walk. I did get to celebrate with a few of my favorite things though.
My sister got me the tulips and Pinkberry. Emilia baked me some gluten free cupcakes. They were good but I have decided that I like to look at cupcakes more than eating them though. Frosting is just not my thing. Too sweet. I was able to eat just the cake part with strawberries and whipped creme though and it was really good that way.
This month my party theme was ladybugs. This is what I came up with
If you remember I  made the invitation in March of 2011 and used it for my inspiration. The wings on the ladybugs open and close to reveal the number.
Emilia's 16th birthday is Wednesday and we have some fun things planned to help celebrate it so I will be back soon to share that with you. Until then I hope your week is a good one and thanks for stopping by.