Sunday, May 7, 2017

National Pet Month

I am interrupting my monthly blog recap because May is national Pet Month. As most of you know we have 2 dogs. Sophie and Lily. They are my fur kids and mean the world to me.
Pets in general can bring great joy to your life as well as offer other health benefits too as you can see from this graphic
Some of the best things about my dogs is when I am having a bad day I know I can always rely on them to make me happy and my dogs are always willing to listen to me when I talk. They also give me purpose because they depend on me to be taken care of which I am happy to do. I got my first dog when I was 5 yrs old. He was a little white poodle who had wandered into our yard. My mom wasn't really a dog person and had never had a dog of her own so she tried to find his owner. When we found them they told her that he was returned to them by mistake and was really not their dog and did we want him. Thankfully my mom said yes and we got to keep him. We named him Snuffy after Snuffalupagus on Sesame Street. His favorite thing was eating chocolate chip cookies that my dad would feed him. Even with all that chocolate he lived a very long time. My mother was feeding him baby food with a spoon in the end to help keep him alive that is how much she grew to love him too. This photo was taken on my first day of Kindergarten, It is really old and not the best quality but hopefully you can still see him.
I had other dogs during my life too. Ashley the border collie. He was really my sisters dog. He loved balls. He always had a ball in mouth and could hold more than 1 at a time.
After Snuffy passed on I wanted a dog of my own and my mom finally agreed to let me have one.  I really wanted a Golden Retriever but she didn't want another big dog so I got Brandon who was a sheltie. Unfortunately something was wrong with his brain and he died very young. Sorry for the blurry photo that was the best one I could find.
Cassie was the first dog Rich and I got together. She was a black lab border collie mix we got from the shelter. She was a great dog and loved people. My Sophie reminds me a lot of her. Sophie does not like people as much as Cassie did though. When we would take her to the dog park she would go straight to the people not the other dogs. We got Dakota another border collie about a year later. Like Ashley she loved catching balls and frisbee too. All of these dogs were a big part of my life and I am forever grateful for the time I got to spend with them. I just wish dogs had a longer life span.
Pets bring so much joy to peoples lives many of them celebrate their birthdays now. A big part of my Etsy shop is making party decor for them too. These are some of my favorite photos of customers pets wearing my party hats and crowns. It bring me great joy to see these photos and to know my creations were a part of their special day.
I just love animals especially dogs. I would love to hear more about your fur kids too so leave me  a comment telling me more about them. Also be sure to check out this page to see some adorable puppies and the Puppyspot website if you are interested in getting a dog.
That's all for now I will be back with my April recap soon.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

March Update

Happy April and Happy Spring.  The rest of March continued to be warm and dry here except for the last few days when colder air returned with rain and a little snow. Thankfully no big blizzards. I think it was one of the driest March on record. I am not complaining though.  It turned out to be great weather for my birthday on the 25th which does not happen often so I got to spend it at my happy place. The Denver Botanic Gardens. There was not a lot of flowers to see but it still was nice,
There are not just plants and flowers to see there. This is one of my favorite structures.
It is a beautiful Solarium.Usually it is to hot to be in for long when we go in the summer but this day it was cool enough to enjoy being in there for awhile. Here is some more information about it hopefully you can read it better if you click on it.

We also saw this beautiful tree in the Japanese Garden too.
Afterwards we stopped by Beet Box Vegan Bakery a place I have been wanting to visit for while and they had a little vegan/gluten free carrot cake that was just perfect for desert.  I also received these beautiful Tulips from my sister and niece, The mug was from Emilia, It says What would Zoe Hart Do? Unfortunately Rich put it in the dishwasher because he didn't know it was not dishwasher safe and now it only says What would do? The new ipad and pencil was a gift from Rich my mom and sister gave me a little money to put towards it too. 
Things in our Etsy shop have been been pretty slow which is discouraging. We are finding it is not just us though. Etsy has been making some changes that seem to be affecting a lot of people. Hopefully it will resolve soon. In the meantime we are still adding new product Unicorns seem to be very popular right now so we have added these unicorn themed items to the shop.

I also have this new mini glitter crown that goes great with this theme too.
We also got this great photo of a buyers dogs wearing my girl dog crown and boy party hat. Don't they look adorable?
Finally I wanted to share these paleo carrot cake cupcakes with you. They make a great late nigh snack. I put a small amount of tofutti on top.
That's all for now I will be back next month with more to share then.

Friday, March 17, 2017

February Recap

Happy March, It has definitely come in like a lamb. It almost feels like summer here with the temperatures in the high 70's and 80's. I just hope it does not go out like a lion now.
February started out pretty well but by the middle of the month I got another blood blister in my mouth. If you follow my blog I have been dealing with them for a long time now. No one seems to know what they are from and seem to come and go. Usually they only last for a few days and are not very painful but I ended up getting one on the side of my tongue that was so excruciating after it popped I could barely eat or talk. I was in so much pain I had to call Dispatch Health again. I used them last year when I got sick and was happy with their service again. They gave me some prescription mouthwash that seemed to help but a few days later they appeared in my lady parts. So after taking a break from doctors for awhile I have had to start looking for answers again. Once again I am not getting much help and a lot of frustration. On top of that I am fighting with the insurance company now too. I just don't understand why it has to be this hard to get some help from the medical community when something is clearly wrong. Trying to get doctors to agree is another story though.
Emilia and I decided to add some St Patrick's Day things to the shop. Unfortunately they were not good sellers. Maybe next year they will be more popular.

We did sell some girl bodysuits to these twins. Thanks to their mom for sharing the photo. Aren't they adorable?

My favorite vegan ice cream Coconut Ginger was discontinued again so I made my own. I used this recipe
It is not really vegan because I used honey but you could use sugar and it would still be vegan. It came out great though and now I don't have to worry about not having it anymore.
And now my final thoughts on Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life
1. I hated the Wild thing. The only thing I liked about it was seeing the guys from Parenthood.
2. I liked The Life and Death Brigade scene with Logan, Rory, Finn and Collin. It reminded me of the old episodes which was one of the things I loved about it. 
3. Sookie coming back was a disappointment. 
4. Loved how Emily's story wrapped up. She was my favorite part of the whole thing. 
5. The wedding, Loved the setup for the actual wedding it was beautiful and the song was perfect. I didn't understand why Lane was there though. I think Sookie and Emily definitley should have been there and I wish that we would have at least gotten to see the whole town celebrating afterwards. 
6. The final 4 words were another big disappointment for me. Now we are in limbo again. 
Overall I was disappointed with the whole thing. I wish they would have just left it how it was. I loved those episodes and when I watch them now I don't feel the same way I use to about it. 
I still watch the old episodes from time to time but I have moved on now and found a new favorite show Heart of Dixie. Anyone else seen that one?
That's all for now I hope next month I will have more uplifting things to share. Until then hope the rest of your month is a good one. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

January Recap

Happy February. Hope your month has been a good one so far. Even though the groundhog saw his shadow and we are suppose to have 6 more weeks of winter it is feeling a lot like spring here. It was almost 80 last week. That is a bit to warm for February. I would rather have that than snow though. The rest of January was pretty quite for us. The highlight of the month was that we finally sold something to Vermont. We had sold to all other 49 states beside that one and were eagerly awaiting a sale from there for a long time and it finally happened. It didn't come from Etsy though, It came from Amazon Handmade. We had opened a shop there last year with a few items and were not selling much so it was even more surprising that the sale came from there. It was definitely  a very happy day for us. It is an amazing feeling to know we have sold our products to all 50 states now.
Emilia was also busy working on Valentine Orders. She came up with a new tutu/onesie/headband set.

She also added a matching diaper cover and  leg warmers. You can see them all together with the other Valentines Paper Goods I made a few years ago. I also added a new Valentines crown for girls too.

We also came up with this boy set.
Here is a photo of a buyers daughter wearing the girl tutu set. Isn't she adorable?
Continuing with my review of Gilmore Girls Year in the Life I am on to Summer, Below are our thoughts.
1. Why was Ms Patty not at the town meetings or a part of the musical? We think she definitely should have had a bigger part in those 2 things, They just were not the same without her.
2. The Musical. What a waste of time. The first time we watched it we hated it. The second time it was not as bad but they still could have filled that time with better things.
3. Did anyone wonder why Loreali put the newspapers in the trash when she was delivering them? I am thinking it may have been because she had to go to bathroom? What do you think?
4. Rory running the town newspaper was an interesting concept. 
6. It was to good to see April again. I know a lot of people didn't like her in the original series. I liked her though. 
7. Did anyone notice Rory saying this was your idea to Logan when she was talking to him at Lane's house? I was thought it was her idea to have the relationship the way it was?
8. It was fun to see the community pool and Luke a part of it.
9. The thirysomething gang was kind of stupid. Glad Rory decided not to be a part of it.
10. It was good to see Jess again.
11. It was sad to see Michele quit his job, I wish we would have learned more about his life now though and wish they would have introduced his partner.
12. Lorelai deciding she want's to go do wild. HATED THAT!
Summer was probably my least favorite of them all. What are your thoughts?
Finally I have something savory to share today. If you like curry  and are craving comfort food you will love this
 It is gluten and dairy free too. So good.
That's all for now. I hope the rest of your February is a good one and I will be back next month with more to share then.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

December Recap

Happy New Year. I hope 2017 has started off well for you and your family. Unfortunately ours did not. My Father In Law passed away very unexpectedly New Years Day. It was a big shock to us all.  Not the way you want to start a new year. He and my Mother In Law moved away from Denver when Emilia was about a year old. He was always looking for something but he never found it. I always enjoyed being around him though. The thing I liked the most about him is that he was very easy to talk to and loved to tell stories. He also loved to play golf and cook. I don't understand why he would choose to end his life the way he did. I just hope he has found peace now and my husband and his family will be able to get through this too. I know he had his reasons for doing what he did but I believe life is a gift. He had so much to live for. I just wish he could have seen that. He will be missed. Even though we didn't see him often we still have happy memories of him.
On a happier note Hanukkah started on Christmas this year so we were able to celebrate both at the same time which was a first.  We had my family over for a special dinner. Emilia designed the tablescape again.
I had to retire my Winnie The Pooh Menorah because I had used it so much it was not really useable anymore. I wanted to get an electric menorah instead but after 2 failed attempts neither would work so I decided to go with this one from Target.
Things in our Etsy shop have picked up again. Winter Onederland continued to be very popular in December but Penguins have become a big seller too.  This set is for the girls.

and this set is for the boys

We have also changed the name of our shop to Party Decor and Moore now that cards are not my main focus anymore This is the new logo.
Continuing on with my thoughts on the Gilmore Girls Revival. This month I wanted to talk about spring.Below are our thoughts.

1. We thought the therapist sucked. She never really said anything so what was the point? We were glad we got to hear how Richard passed though so at least we had some closure on that.
2. Why wasn't Ms Patty at the town meeting? She was always a central part of them so we really missed her presence,
3. Why wasn't Michele in the Gay Pride Parade?
4. Why were TJ and Liz not ever seen? They included them in the episode but we never saw them.
5. Who do you think wrote the letter to Emily?
6. Rory and the one night stand with the Wookie was really weird. Rory never seemed like that kind of girl but then again you never would have thought she would have been having an affair with a man that was engaged to someone else either. It was fun to see Lorelai and Rory together in New York though and great to see Mae Whitman from Parenthood. 
7. It was great to finally see Mr. Kim. We always wondered where he was. Wish he had more of a real part in the show from the beginning though.
8. It was weird to see the Dragonfly in such disray without Sookie.  I didn't really care for the whole pop up concept. While it would have been great if Melissa McCarthy had come back sooner I think it would have been better if Loreali had hired someone else to replace her and had a new friend.
9. While it was sad to see Rory so lost with everything in her life. We were happy to see her come home again.
Would love to know what you think of this episode so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments too. 
Finally I found this great recipe for paleo biscotti. I LOVE these cranberry almond biscotti  
The only thing I did different is not use the lemon zest. You could use orange zest though. I would highly recommend these.
That's all for now I hope the rest of your January is a good one and I will be back with more to share next month.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

November Recap

Happy December. Hope it is warm where you are. We set a record for the warmest November on record but last week it was freezing here. Winter has definitely arrived much to my dismay.
We ended up having to keep our current health insurance. It was the best option for us even with a $500.00 increase on the deductible. Because there were no better options I am not going to keep the direct medicine doctor. It did not make sense to pay out of pocket to see him on top of having to pay so much for health insurance especially since he was not willing to work with me. My only option right now is to see the physicians assistant in the last doctors office I went to until they get a new doctor hopefully in the New Year. Until then hopefully I can just manage my pain the way it is now and we won't need to see anyone else because I really need a break from doctors for now. 
My dad ended up falling in front of my parents house the week before Thanksgiving. He was not able to get up on his own and nobody was there to help him. It was also cold and snowing that day so he was out in the elements for almost an hour yelling for help. (He does not have a cell phone) Thankfully a neighbor a few houses away had gone out to brush off his car heard him and came to help him up and into the house.  He called my sister to tell her what happened and she offered to come over and help him but he said he was going to wait for my mom to get back and sat in his wet clothes because he was too scared to move. My sister called me after that to  tell me what happened and thankfully I knew where my mom was (she has a cell phone but does not keep it on) so my sister called where she was having lunch with friends but they had trouble finding her because there were lots of groups of older women having lunch. They finally found her so she raced home to help him. My mom said he was freezing when she got there and looked pretty bad but he was okay. On my suggestion he is now wearing a Life Alert in case it was to happen again.  I am sure it had to have been terrifying but thankfully he is okay.
I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. Ours went well. We had my family over as usual and Emilia and I did all the cooking again. Emilia decided she wanted to have a pretty table this year too so she went out and bought all the decor and this is what she came up with. I think she did a great job.

The Gilmore Girls Revival premiered the next day. Emilia and I stayed up waiting for it to start even though it was 1:00 am our time. We spent the next 3 days watching it, I didn't want to watch them all at once because I needed time to process it all. Unfortunately my initial reaction was disappointment.  I think I was so excited for it to be back again that my expectations were too high. We have watched all 4 episodes again and this time we have a different perspective on them and liked them much better this time. Hopefully if you are reading this and are a fan of the show you have watched it by now if not scroll past this because I am going to share my thoughts about Winter in this post and then the other 3 episodes after that so 1 a month.
1. I felt that the acting especially in the first part of winter between Lorelai and Rory seemed forced, almost like they were just reading from the script. The interaction between them wasn't the same. 
2. I loved how Lorelai watched Lifetime Movies.
3. I found the whole Paul thing really odd.
4. I loved Kirk and his new Oooober service.
5. I found it really odd that Jason was at the funeral for Richard but Christopher wasn't.
6. The story Lorelai told about Richard catching her in the poolhouse with another boy besides Christoper at 15 didn't make sense. I always thought Christopher was her first love? Maybe she just made that up to piss off Emily.
7. Paris was great as usual but was sad to see her and Doyle were divorcing. I also wish they would have given her another career. I thought the surrogate thing was kind of stupid and I definitely do not want Luke and Lorelai to have a child now.
8.  I was surprised to see Rory with Logan. I liked them together but do not like that he has a fiance and is seeing her too. I really want to know why they have that arrangement and who's idea it was. I also want to know what she has been doing all this time in more detail.
9. Did anyone else notice that Sookies house was Lane's now?
10. Loved Emily. Kelly Bishop is  an amazing actress and fell right back into that part as if nothing had ever changed.
Those are my thoughts on Winter. I would love to hear what you think about my thoughts or if you have thoughts of your own so feel free to share.

Last month I shared the new girl winter onederland themed items with you. This month I wanted to share the boy version. This is the new boy ribbon banner.

This is the whole party package with the matching bodysuit.

We received another great photo of this adorable dog wearing my girl dog crown. Isn't she precious?
 Finally something sweet to share. These apple cinnamon scones are great. They are paleo and gluten free too. 
That's it for now, I hope the rest of the month will be a good one for you. Happy Holidays and I will be back next year with more to share then.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

October Recap

Happy November. Hope your October was a good one. Still in the 60's and 70's here we are suppose to get some rain/snow on Thursday though. Some moisture would be nice I just hope we don't get it all at once though.
Unfortunately the Rheumatologist appointment I talked about in the last post was a waste of time and money, Once again all the blood work came back normal and the steroids didn't really help the pain much. They also did some x-rays of my shoulder, neck, spine, hands and chest. The only thing that showed up that might explain the pain is a fusion at C4-C5 in my neck which was a surprise to me because I never  did anything to cause it which means it may just be genetic. I did have an MRI in 2001 on my neck though but there was never any discussion about it being there then which does not make any sense. This doctors suggestion was to see a pain management specialist.   Not sure what they are going to do though because there is still no real diagnosis for the pain. On top of that the health insurance we have now will not cover it so I have to wait until the New Year when hopefully we will have better insurance to even pursue it. That is not looking promising though. So far what I have seen is a joke. More money that what we are paying now and even less coverage. In the meantime the new direct care doctor I talked about in the last post seems to think it is something neurological now since autoimmune/antinflamatory has been ruled out bases on blood work. After discussing things we decided to try a new med but unfortunately the side effects have been worse than the pain. I told the doctor about it and asked to try a similar med with less side effects but he is pushing me to keep taking this one and see if the side effects go away not sure how much more I can handle though. I have to be able to function. All this time and money spent this year and I still don't have any real answers basically they are just guessing. At this point I am just going to have to take some time to  reevaluate things and decide where to go from here. If any of you reading this have any suggestions please let me know.
On a happier note only 10 more days until the Gilmore Girls revival. Emilia and I are on our 3rd time watching the series now so can't wait to see where things pick back up.
Things in our Etsy shop had been really slow but now that Halloween and the election are over our Winter Onederland party theme is starting take off. Emilia just added the bodysuit,tutu and matching bow. I made this new ribbon banner to go with the set.

We also have it in silver and pink. I made this crown with marabou feather trim to go with it.

We received this great photo from a buyer of her dog wearing our boy dog party hat and matching bow tie. Isn't he adorable?
Finally with Thanksgiving coming up I wanted to share this recipe with you all. I tried these Paleo Pumpkin Pie bars and they are delish. I would highly recommend them.
That's all for now. I hope those of you that are celebrating Thanksgiving in a few weeks have a great one. Even with all my medical drama this year I know I still have a lot to be thankful for. I hope you do too.