Sunday, October 20, 2019

September Recap

Happy Sunday, It is hard to believe that Halloween is right around the corner. It is definitely feeling like fall around here. We had a surprise snowstorm a few weeks ago. I was not ready for that but thankfully it didn't last long though. Before the snowstorm we had a lot of visits from the painted ladies. They especially loved these orange flowers that magically reappeared from the ones we planted last year. I loved watching them.

I made this piece on my Ipad pro using procreate. Inspiration from Pinterest. 

My dad was released from the rehab/nursing home the first of the month. He went home with home health care set up but it didn't last long. About a week later he was taken to the hospital by ambulance again but with Cdiff this time. After countless hours in the ER they admitted him again they didn't want to keep him long though. I tried to explain to his doctor in the hospital that if they sent him home with that they were putting my mothers life at risk since she is immuo suppressed and her memory is still not good so we could not be sure she would take the right precautions. The doctor he had in the hospital didn't really care though. He was a real ass. I was able to buy him a little more time though because we were going to try and get him into another nursing facility even though he would have had to pay $160.00 a day. We thought it might be worth it until he was not contagious anymore but it would still have to be put on a credit card.  He had just enough credit left to cover it. Unfortunately we could not find any other place to take him so we had no choice but to bring him home. This time we decided to try in home hospice. He is technically not terminal but he was able to qualify because of his stage 4 kidney disease and he does not want any life saving measures. It still does not give us all the care he needs but it was better then home health and there were no other better options. It has been working out pretty well so far but he still has the catheter in and can't get rid of it because he won't have surgery to reduced the size of his prostrate which was found to be the reason he cannot urinate on his own. He has basically been housebound since he came home from the last hospital stay. Neither one of them can drive which makes things harder on us. He has accepted it better than she has but there are still says when she fights it. She was also found to have dementia which is not surprising. She kept saying that she hated her doctor and was going to fire her unless she let her drive again but when she gets to the appointments she acts like everything is fine which drives me crazy. The 2 of them being together 24/7 is a bad combination too. She can get really mean and take it out on him which is not good but at the same time he is not easy to deal with sometimes too. He also will not do much of anything on his own and depends on her for help. I just wish there was a way to get more help for them but this is the best I have found for now. If only money was not an option or Medicare paid for more. It is sad to see their independence taken away but they are not safe to drive or be out on their own. It is still a very stressful situation but I  guess all we can really do is just continue to take things one day a time for now.
There was another round of 30 days of Bible Lettering Challenge in September and Stefan Kutz created premade layouts to help make the process easier. I was really looking forward to it but I was only able to complete 1 piece. I thought this one was fitting for everything I have been going through with my parents. Easier said than done most days though.
Things in our Etsy shop were still not good. Sales have dropped a lot. I have no idea what is going on. In some ways it was good to not be so busy with work because of all the time I needed to help my parents but it is also very stressful not making enough money to pay my bills either. I am praying that things will pick up soon. Not only do we need the money but work helps to keep my mind busy too. We have a buyer who has bought many crowns and hats for her Alaskan Klee Kai's. Aren't they beautiful?

I made this piece to help welcome in Fall. Inspiration came from Pinterest. Done on my Ipad Pro using Procreate.

Finally I made this piece for the Floral's and Praise for his Glory Challenge on Instagram I was only able to get 1 week done. Struggling with my faith right now but this piece stood out to me and I am happy with how it came out.

That's all for now. I will be back next month with more to share then.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

August Recap

Happy Sunday.  It was still feeling like summer here the last few weeks but it finally cooled down this weekend though and is starting to feel more like fall. I am ready for some cooler temperatures but not snow and cold.
My zinnias didn't do as well this year because of all the sunflowers but I was able to get this photo of what was left of them.

Hello August I made this piece on my Ipad Pro using Procreate. Inspiration from Pinterest. Lemonade was definitely needed it was super hot all month.
Things with my parents continued to be a nightmare. My dad ended up under Observation at Denver Health for 11 days which made him not qualify for rehab/skilled nursing care. The doctors kept telling me he didn't have anything "physically wrong with him" but he could not walk on his own, speak clearly and was incontinent. He was not like that before the fall.  I did everything in my power to get them to change him to inpatient so he would qualify but nothing worked. On the 11th day they threatened me to come and get him or they would put him in an ambulance charge him for the ride and take him home. I had no other choice but to go and get him. Thankfully Rich went with me. I tried to video his release but was stopped by security. There was nothing they could really do about it though. It was very difficult just getting him in the house like I knew it would be  and told them numerous times it was not safe to send him home but we got him in. He only lasted 24 hours at home after that though. The hospital claimed they had set up home health for him but his primary care doctor was out of town and had no one covering for him, I have no idea how they didn't know this. Thankfully the home health was nice enough to still send someone out to assess the situation and that was when we discovered he had taken his pills wrong. We had to call an ambulance and have him taken to Rose which is the hospital he usually goes to. They discovered he had a really bad bladder infection and admitted him right this time. The bladder infection was so bad it traveled through his blood stream and he got sepsis. He also had a catheter put in. All this got him another week in the hospital but thankfully this time he was eligible for rehab which is where he belonged in the first place. If Denver Health had done it right he probably would have avoided all this. He had 20 days in rehab and used all of it.  It was going to be $160.00 a day after that which he couldn't afford and he refused to stay there any longer anyways so we had no choice but to bring him home. More about what happened after that next month. On top of all this with my father I was still dealing with my mother and her memory issues. She was also very angry about not being able to drive and us controlling her medication. I have done everything I can to try and help them through this but there is only so much I can do. The system is very broken for people like them, hard to navigate and not much options. I am definitely learning a lot in the process but I should not have had to find out like this. It is a lot for anyone to handle. Some days I was barely hanging on. All I could was just continue to keep taking things one day at a time and pray that things will get better. 

Things in our Etsy shop were terrible. The only good thing about slow sales is that I had time to help with my parents. It was not good for my bank account though. I was able to make a new watermelon ribbon and fabric high chair banner to go with our other watermelon themed items. It is something I had been wanting to add to my shop for awhile and am really happy with how it came out.

I did not have much time for my art but I was able to complete 1 week of the Floral's and Praise for his Glory challenge. The theme was blooming cactus. I also love this verse.
Unfortunately there is not much more to share since I was so busy dealing with my parents. I hope to have more to share next month though.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

July Recap

Happy Tuesday. Hope you are still enjoying summer where you are. It continues to be hot here with very little rain. The sunflowers have gone crazy though. We only planted them once but each year now they continue to come back and multiply. We have so many this year we call it sunflower forest. We love it though and the birds do to.
Today is also the 12th anniversary of when I started this blog. A lot has happened during that time both good and bad. I don't get to post as much as I planned to when I first started but am happy that I have still been able to keep it going this long even if nobody reads it. I especially like looking back at everything that has happened and hopefully have helped others in some way by sharing my life here too. Today is also my sisters birthday as well.

Hello July
I made this piece on my Ipad Pro using Procreate. Inspiration from Pinterest.

July started out with the journey to find a new dog. Even though it had not been long since Lily's passing I knew there was another dog out there that needed me and I needed it. The journey to find and get that dog was not easy. I was looking everyday without much luck. We met 3 different dogs but all of them had some sort of issue that prevented us from getting them. I was getting very discouraged but finally found her at The Denver Animal Shelter thanks to Tracey Schneider Pliskin  She is the one who helped us find Indie too. Unfortunately the universe was making it hard for me again though. I was all ready to adopt her and bring her home when I found out that Rich had to be there to meet her first. I put a hold on her but they said he only had until 5:30 to get there He was in meetings all afternoon though and was running late so I called to tell them he was on his way and might be a little late. I talked to someone named Bridget who said he could have until 6 to get there. I thought everything was going to be fine but he walked in at 5:33 and they told him he was too late and would not let him see her. They said they had no records saying that the person I spoke to on the phone said he could be late but the person I spoke to on the phone says they did. They even have a name and reference number. I just didn't understand it and was in tears It just was not right. They said I had until 12:30 the next day for him to see her so we just had to wait until then. Thankfully he was able to make it over there in between meetings and see her. He was in the room for less then 5 mins and she was fine with him. They didn't even watch. It was ridiculous but we gave them what they wanted and I was able to adopt her.  I just don't understand why things always have to be so hard but thankfully it worked out in the end. She was the happiness I was looking for and I think Lily sent her to me. I know there will never be another Lily but they do have a lot of similarities. We were also told that she was in the shelter twice prior to this which is very hard to believe. They said she was brought in as a stray the first time and the second time it was because of too much barking. When we got her out of there she didn't bark once. We even took her to Pets mart after we got there and she was quiet the whole time, I think she was just waiting for us. She does bark a bit to much sometimes but nothing we can't handle. Indie loves her too and they get along great. Emilia took this photo of her at the shelter the day we met her. You see how happy she was. When I picked her up she just snuggled her head on my shoulder and I knew she was the one. 
Meet Zoey. We had a hard time coming up with her name but finally decided on Zoey because it means life and she is definitely full of that. I took the video below after we got her home. You can see she fit right in.

Before we left I got a call from the vets office that took care of Lily telling me her remains were ready to be picked up so we went and got them on the way home. It was a really odd feeling to be adopting a new dog and picking those up but I also found some comfort in having her remains back at the same time. I also received this of her paw which I had made at the same time which I love and will cherish forever.
A few days after we got her I made this piece in honor of all dogs. This quote is something Cesar Milan says all the time and I agree,  Dog is Love! I followed a tutorial from Holly Pixels for the Love and flourishes. You can see  here on You tube
 Things in our Etsy shop were okay. We got a custom order from a return buyer for her twins second birthday. The theme was Elmo. We normally don't do copyright characters but did it for this buyer. We love how everything came out. Hope she did too.

I also made this piece for the July Floral's and Praise For His Glory Challenge on Instagram. I was only able to complete one week because of everything going on. I am really happy with how it turned out though. I got the inspiration for the wreath from Crystal Whittens Book.
Emilia and I visited a new farmers market and made this dish with fresh broccoli that we bought there and substituted  gluten free pasta. My favorite brand it Tinkyada  It was really good.

Unfortunately my happiness didn't last long. On July 28th my life would change and not for the better. My father fell on my parents driveway and my mother also fell trying to help him. My father had fallen many times before but this time it really took it out of him. My mother also got a concussion in the process and was already dealing with memory issues so this just made that worse. They were not able to go to their usual hospital because of the head injury and that is where the nightmare began. I thought things were bad when my mother had sepsis and Lily had cancer but this does not even compare. I will share more about it next month. Until then I hope the rest of your summer is a good one and I will be back with more to share then.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

June Recap

Happy Tuesday. Hope you are enjoying summer where you are. It finally feels like summer here after a month of cool temperatures and lots of rain it is almost too hot now though  All the moisture was good for the flowers but Indie does not like the thunder and lighting that goes with it though. It is so hard to watch her go through that. We went to visit my mom one day and Emilia took this photo of her. She loved being able to play in all that green grass. Didn't she look happy?
Hello June. Because of all the rain I thought this drawing would be a good way to welcome it in.

Things with Lily continued to get worse after my last post. The biggest problem was her nose. It was constantly running and the greenish mucous was back. Mornings were the worst because I could not keep up with it during the night. It would be all over her face and paws dried on and took time to get off.  She could not make it through the night without snoring loudly. I can only image how hard it must have been for her to sleep at all but she managed some how. It got to a point where I could not sleep with her anymore because I could not sleep through all that noise. Rich ended up sleeping with her downstairs because he could sleep through it but I felt guilty for not letting her sleep with me. We always slept together. We tried 3 different antibiotics but none of them really helped. It never made sense to me why her nose was always running on the left when the tumor was on the right. She also started have these episodes where she would breath really fast like she was running a race while she was sleeping. After doing some research it sounded like congestive heart failure to me so we decided to try a diuretic. Not sure if it helped or not. She also started bleeding from her mouth which was most likely coming from the tumor. I was able to get some Yunian Biao which helped some. I knew things were not good but she still showed signs of wanting to live. We continued to try to live each day to the fullest she would have periods during the day where she would be better but nights were still the worst. I kept trying to think of things to help her but was running out of options and I was still hitting closed doors. I tried to find something called FECO. Full Extract Canabis Oil  which was suppose to be stronger than what I was giving her and was suppose to kill the cancer better but found out that you cannot get it here without a prescription from a doctor.  There are places that sell it out of state online but they are charging way to much for it and I didn't trust what they were selling. When I went to question one of the companies about it they refused to sell to me. Is that crazy or what? It was also getting harder for her to eat. I was feeding her with a baby spoon which seemed to help some. I had taken her down to sleep with Rich on Friday June 21st. I had been leaving the door cracked so she could get out if she wanted but that night he told me to close it so I could get some sleep. I told him to come and get me if things got worse. He didn't though and I found out later that she wanted out be he didn't let her that made me feel terrible. The morning of Saturday June 22nd he brought her up to me said she wanted to be with me. She was covered in snot again so I took her downstairs to clean her up. She started shaking so I knew she was in pain. I tried to give her meds but she refused to take them. I knew then that she was telling me she was done. I called the hospice vet and thankfully it was her day off so she could come right away. It still took her about 45 mins to get here though. During that time I tried to sit with her and love her but she just wanted to pace and didn't really want me to comfort her which made me even sadder.  My niece called and asked if she could be here I told her yes and when she came Lily was happy to see her which made me start to question my decision but I knew I could not change my mind again. Things were not going to get better. When the vet got here she was not happy to see her though and just went and sat under the table.  After accessing her she agreed I was making the right decision. Thankfully it was a very peaceful passing but I still felt as if a part of me died with her. I did feel a sense of relief when it was over though because I knew she would not be suffering anymore and she could not go on like that.  I am just so grateful for the hospice vet from Caring Pathways she was wonderful and made up for all the other horrible vets I had to deal with before that. I just wish I had called them sooner. In the end I know I did everything I could for her though and am happy that I was able to get her almost another year of life.  I was told most dogs with this kind of cancer don't live very long. One of my biggest regrets is that I was not able to get Sophie more time and I let her go to soon. It is just so unfair that both of them had to go out this way. They did nothing to deserve that.  I loved her with all my heart and soul and will never forget her. Hopefully she is in a better place now and will be waiting for me on the other side until we can be together again.
Her favorite place to be was outside in the sun. I took this photo one day when she was doing pretty well. This is how I want to remember her and hope she is enjoying her time in the sun again and    Sophie and all the other dogs before her are with her.
My niece also made me this great video of all the good times I had with her. Things were so bad for so long it was hard to remember those times and this really helps a lot. I still can't watch it without crying though. I also made this piece in her honor too.

Things in our Etsy shop seemed to pick up a little. I didn't  make anything new but I did get this great photo of a buyers daughter wearing my Alice In Wonderland Hat. Isn't she adorable?

I purchased Krystal Whitten's Lettering Prayer Journal a few months ago. I had a really hard time getting started though because I was afraid of making a mistake and not being able to start over again like I can with my Ipad. I finally decided to give it try using pencil and erasable pen. I still made a lot of mistakes and if you saw the page in person you would see them. I also ripped the page accidentally when picking the book up one day too. I kept going though and finally finished it. It still has a lot of flaws but at this point I think done is better than perfect. I also love this verse.  Hopefully the next page will be easier I think I may plan it out digitally first though.

I also made a few more pieces for the florals and praise for his glory challenge on Instagram.

Finally I made this piece on my Ipad to welcome in summer. Tutorial from Katie Jobling on Youtube.
I didn't make anything new to eat in June. With everything going on with Lily I was not very hungry. Hopefully I will have something new to share next time. I hope summer is going well where you are and I will be back next month with more to share then.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

May Recap

Happy Saturday. It finally feels like summer here. It has still been on the cool side but the plus side of that is all the rain has made everything really green and beautiful. We have had a few days in the 80's but it has mostly been in the 70's which has been perfect especially for taking the dogs out.

Hello May. This piece was inspired by Archer and Olive. I did mine digitally though using the gouche brushes from Abby Uproot.

May did not start off well. As I said in my last post Lily took another turn for the worse and I ended up calling in Caring Pathways so we are doing In home hospice now. I made another video talking about what all has happened since my last post up until May 23rd.
I hope to make another video update soon. She had been really struggling with her breathing the end of May. Things went downhill again on the 30th when we went down on the prednisone and we almost lost her on the 31st.I had the hospice vet scheduled to come then but she could not get here until 6 that night. I found her on the floor around noon barely breathing and her gums were pale. I thought we had lost her and was trying my best to find someone to come sooner and end it but as I was crying over her she sat up and started walking around. It was crazy. By the time the vet got here she greeted her at the door and her gums were pink again so I could not do it. Things have been up and down with her since then. She is still eating and alert most of the time. Everyday is different with her though. At this point we just continue to take things one day a time. That is all we can do but it has been very hard and stressful because you never know what each day is going to bring. I think she has some cat in her though because she has so many lives. Hopefully she still has a few more left. i just don't want her to suffer. She is the strongest little dog I know and still has a will to live so we keep going for now.

Thankfully Lily was doing well on Mother's Day and we were able to celebrate with her. Emilia and I took my mom and the dogs to Barnes and Noble and we let my mom pick out what she wanted instead of just getting her a gift card like we usually do. She chose a journal and pens. We stopped at Starbucks afterwards and Emilia took this great photo of my mom and Lily. Indie had fun too.

Emilia got me a fanny pack from the Ellen shop that I had seen online I just love the message on it. She also got me a personalized water bottle but it didn't come with a straw so I am trying to find a different lid.

The best gift of all is having her for my daughter though.

My sister also ended up in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs she had pneumonia in March and was never able to get her breathing back to normal. She had gone to the get a CAT scan it was the third one since all this started and that is when it showed up. Thankfully they finally saw it and are treating it but she is still struggling with her breathing. They say it will take time to dissolve all the clots.

Things in our Etsy shop were still slow. We got this great photo from a buyer of her dog wearing one of my dog hats though. Isn't he adorable?

I also continued to participate in the Floral's and Praise For His Glory Challenge on Instagram. All were done on my Ipad Pro in Procreate. I had never heard of some of these flowers before especially the Flannel Flower on the top left.

I also made this piece from Liz Kohler Brown's Skillshare Class Modern Floral Illustrations On Your Ipad In Procreate

Finally we have all been loving this dish called Easy Egg Roll In A Bowl from The Real Food Blog.

It is a great quick and easy dish and Gluten free, Dairy Free and Vegan too.

That's all for now. Hope you are enjoying summery weather were you are. I will be back next month with more to share then.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

April Recap

Happy Tuesday. It has felt more like March than May this month. It even snowed last night. We got a taste of summer last week though. It was even in the 80's a few days. That was a little too hot for me but at least it was better than cold/snow and the sun was shinning, I wish mother nature would figure it out and Spring comes back soon.
Hello April. I made this piece on my Ipad pro using procreate. I got the idea from something similar I saw on Pinterest.
April started off with lots of celebrations. Emilia's Birthday was on the 2nd. Still can't believe she turned 21. She wanted to get a Tarot Card reading so I went with her.  It was a lot of fun and the cards showed a lot of good things to come for her. We had family over later that night for Cake and presents and she got a bedroom makeover too. Overall I would say it was a pretty good birthday. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and I am so thankful to have her for my daughter.

We also celebrated Indies gotcha day on the 7th. It is hard to believe she has been here for a year. Didn't she look cute in the hat that I made her?
We were also blessed to be able to celebrate Lily's 13th birthday on the 10th too.This was a day I didn't think I would see after her cancer diagnosis 7 months ago. It just goes to show you that there is HOPE! Cancer does not have to be an automatic death sentence. I even made a video about her journey living with this kind of cancer. It starts from the beginning and goes until the beginning of April. You can view it here or on Youtube. 

Here are a few more photos of her too. I made her a special crown and we got her a bobo and pupachino. She loved them.

She was doing pretty good except for a cough but things took a turn for the worse the beginning of May. She is doing better now but it is still a roller coaster with her. Just when I think we have one problem under control something else happens.  I am hoping to do another video soon with an update since it is a lot to write here. I will post it next month or you can subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Sales in our Etsy shop were terrible. This seems to happen every April for some reason. I hate it when things get like this. Not only do I need the money but working also helps keep my mind busy.
We did get a custom order form a return buyer though. She wanted a fish shirt and matching party hat, I think they came out really cute. Hope you do too.

I finally finished all the sketches from the Half Backed Sketches Challenges by Stefan Kuntz.
for some reason he has stopped them. I am really sad about that because I loved doing them, Still hoping that he will bring them back in the future though.

I also did these pieces for the April Floral's and Praise for his Glory challenge. I was only able to get the first 3 weeks done before April was over. I will share week 4 in next months post.

Finally I did not make anything new to eat but I did find a new product I love. It is called scoop by Nekter.  It is amazing! If you have one where you are you have to try it. It is also 100% Vegan
That's all for now I hope the rest of your May will be a good one and I will be back with more next month to share then.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

March Recap

Happy Saturday,  Hope you are enjoying Spring were you are. The weather has been beautiful here the last few days. It is even going to be in the 80's today but that is all suppose to change tomorrow. We are suppose to get rain and possibly snow.  That is going to suck but hopefully it won't last long and we will be back to spring soon.
Hello March I made this piece on my Ipadpro and procreate. I was inspired by something similar I saw on Pinterest.
Lily: The month started out with me trying to find a new vet. What a nightmare that was, I started with VRCC another specialty hospital here in Denver but they would not even talk to me without a referral from another vet. I thought was ridiculous. They were not nice either. I called CSU to see if they had any trials available for her but they one they had sounded awful and I would never put her through that. They had nothing else to offer me. I called another vet who's father I had used a few years ago for Sophie but didn't really like and found out his daughter was practicing now. It took 2 days to get a call back from her but I really liked her though. She admitted that she was very busy and could not be readily available if needed which is no better then I have now so she was out. I called Dr Sherry on the recommendation of a friend on Facebook. We actually know her from Wash Park Vet which was the vet office we used years ago when we lived in Washington Park. I didn't think she was practicing anymore though.  She was very nice but is too far away to get her if needed. I tried  another mobile vet I had heard about she is the one with the mobile vet office. It said she was not taking new patients but I emailed anyways and got a response.  She wanted a fortune just to go over her records/consultation though so she was out. I called another vet who was recommended by another Facebook friend and they got back to me quickly but their first appointment was not for 10 days though. I asked if I could speak to the vet before I made the appointment, but they were not open to that. Said she was too busy and that concerned me but I went ahead and made the appointment for the 14th to meet them anyways since they were suppose to be holistic and provide palliative care too. I wasn't very optimist though because I saw they had a bad review saying it took days to get a response for their sick dog. I ended up contacting the person that did the review and she referred me to someone else. I called that vet and she was nice but was very far out too and would not be able to get her easily either. She also said that steroids could be use without waiting. I talked to another integrative vet that was recommended by someone on Facebook. She was very against a lot of things I was doing like feeding her fish and giving her regular drinking water which are things I had never heard of before. She started throwing a lot of information at me all at once and was very negative. Telling me we did not have a lot of time and that her dog died from bladder cancer because he could not pee. Nothing else was wrong with him though. Not what I needed to hear. I know this is not good. I don’t need to be reminded about it.  She continued to bombard me with another CBD product and information about it saying it had good tumor shrinking properties but all that information started to overwhelm me and I could not keep up. I was trying to write things down as she was saying them but had just woken up from a bad migraine when she called and I kept getting even more confused and frustrated. I told her that and asked her to slow down but she started getting  angry with me  and had a terrible attitude which made me even more upset and she said I was yelling at her. I was not really yelling at her though I was just frustrated and she was making me feel terrible. She ended up giving me the CBD guys number then ended the conversation. I was in tears after that. She sent an email a few minutes later with all the information which was all she needed to do in the first place and none of that would have happened. I was not going to have anything else to do with her after that but decided to thank her for the information and see if I could explain what happened better in an email. I didn’t think she was going to respond but she eventually did and said she was grateful for the email and was willing to continue working with me never heard from her again though.  I talked to the guy that makes the CBD  His company is call Colorado Sun and he was super nice and sent me a bottle for free which was really nice of him. There should be more people like that. After that I emailed and called more vets from the American Holistic Veterinary Medicine list that was shared with me on Facebook. I got a free phone consult with Harmony Vet Center on Wed, March 13. They were very nice and even requested her records to look at prior to the call which gave me some hope they actually really want to help. Another person I called on the list wanted to charge me to just to talk to them. I talked another vet on the list she was very nice but could only offer a few things and was not a full service vet. I talked to another vet that was referred to me from someone else on Facebook. She made me feel terrible too though. She thought I was doing too many things and they were fighting each other and I was suppose to take her off the Peroxicam. I didn't  want to do that though because I think it is still helping. She was going to charge me to talk to her too but when she heard I was not on board with taking things out she ended the conversation and didn’t charge me which was a good thing because I didn’t feel right paying for her advice in the first place. I was in tears again after taking to her. At that point I decided just to wait to talk to the Vet from Harmony's see the vet from Journeys. 

We ended up getting a big snow storm that day and the new vet called to tell me they would not make it because the roads were still closed where they were. They waited to call me at the appointment time though which sucked. Said they tried to text but the number I gave them is my land line, I don’t understand why they didn’t just call me when they didn’t hear back. They were suppose to come the next day at 4:30 but  they canceled again saying they still could not get out of their driveway and had no idea when a plow would come so could we move the appointment to Sunday. I said okay.

 Third time was the charm. Candy finally showed up and spent 2 hours with us. She seemed very nice, compassionate, knowledgeable and agreed that she has more life to live.  She went over everything and was in agreement with me about the Peroxicam vs the steroids and to leave her on it. We went over a lot of things and she added in some more supplements. She suggested I make my own food using fresh vegetables and bone broth then adding in lightly cooked meat because she felt it was better than the freeze dried food I was feeding her from Dr. Harveys. . I told her I would try it. She also discovered she had a slight heart murmur and that could be the cause of the cough. She put her on something for that but she had to ship it to me because she didn’t have it on her. She said to stop the Deamarin and she will put her on a different milk thistle that is easier to absorb without fillers. She also said don’t do the honey which I was questioning too. The visit and supplements ended up being expensive. 280.00 later. i was told the visit was only going to be 80.00 so was a bit confused and asked for an itemized bill which she said she would send later. She was also supposed to email me everything we talked about because it was way too much for me to remember which she understood. I had some hope again but was still being cautiously optimistic because I have had my hopes dashed before.

I started the supplements she gave me while she was here later that night and she did okay with them. I got the plan a few days later and it was very overwhelming. She wanted me to do a lot of things all at once. I tried to contact her with questions but was only getting responses from her office girl. I decided to just add things slowly instead of all at once because I didn't want to overload her and not know what was working and what wasn't. I was most hesitant to do the Artemesinin and the Apocaps because I didn't know enough about them. I started researching on my own and decided to start with the Apocaps on the 28th. I thought she was doing okay with them but about 5 days later she started hesitating to take her treats which was really odd then she was not wanting to eat her food. I had changed her to all homemade. I tried the turkey backs and legs in the crock pot but that was a real pain so switched back to ground turkey. I was grinding the fresh vegetables in the food processor and she seemed to be eating them okay but when she started to not want to eat I went back to her old food and took her off the Apo caps and she started eating again. I emailed the holistic vet to tell her what was going on but it took 3 days for a response and she didn't really seem concerned and then she disappeared again. I don't understand this especially since I thought I made it very clear telling her that I needed someone with good communication and follow up and she still didn't answer all my questions. I tried emailing again but still no response. I decided to to just play around with the supplements and try to figure out what is going to work best for her on my own. It is physically and emotionally exhausting not knowing if I am doing the right things for her though. A lot more has happened since I wrote this but I will fill you in on that next month. 

My birthday was on the 25th and it was a big one.  It turned out to be a pretty good day. We took the dogs to the book store. (Barnes and Nobel) something I have been wanting to do for while now. Indie did great in there. Lily was a little whiny in her stroller though. I think she wanted out but I didn't want to risk her peeing in there. People in there were very dog friendly. Emilia had me pick out a book for a gift and then we got ourselves and the pups a drink at Starbucks. Rich got stuck at home waiting for the mailman to come get the packages but he surprised me with more sunflowers when he came home and is going to help me pay off the Ipad I bought at Christmas. Emilia also surprised me with Winnie The Pooh Candyland. I had bought that game for her when she was little but gave it away for some reason and have always regretted it so that was a big surprise. She also got me some paints too but they were just shipped yesterday. We ended the evening watching American Idol and eating some yummy vegan/gluten free tarts from Make Believe Bakery. This was a milestone birthday. I have decided that instead of looking at it in a negative way I am going to be grateful for getting 50 years of life so far and hoping that this next decade will be a good one even though I know there will be challenges ahead. I think this quote Emilia found sums it up perfectly "turning 50 doesn't mean you're approaching the end it means you're nearing the top rejoice and be grateful! 

Things in our Etsy shop were still going okay. I made a new fabric and ribbon banner to go with out pink lemonade tutu outfit that I have wanted to make for awhile. I love how it came out. Hope you do too.  

My Art: I started a new challenge called Florals And Praise For His Glory on Instragram hosted by @tiny_sparrow_design and @artuplifted. Each week you letter a bible verse and floral chosen by them. I am really enjoy it. 

I also did a few more pieces for Stefan Kuntz half baked sketches challenge. 
Finally I did this piece to welcome in Spring. The brushes and tutorial are from Tina at Sketchwerx. She is an amazing artist and has a lot of great brushes and tutorials on her website so be sure to check it out. 
Finally Rich decided to go Keto and I found this great recipe for Garlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders
They are really good we all love them.

That.s all for now. I will be back next month with more to share then.