Saturday, September 29, 2007

Computer trouble and other things

Sorry I have not posted anything in over a week. I have been having problems getting into my blog. Something happened to my computer and it won't let me access blogger from my profile. I was finally able to get into it by creating another profile though. In the meantime I broke down and bought a new computer. This one is on it's last legs and I am done dealing with all the problems it has. Hopefully this computer will hold out until Tuesday when the new one is suppose to be here. After that I hope to be able to get back to a regular posting schedule. I probably won't be posting every day but I hope to at least post a few times a week.
Things have been pretty eventful since my last post. My in laws have come and gone and I ended up in the ER with my mom last Saturday too. She is doing okay now thank goodness but the whole ER thing was a real nightmare. The thing that surprised me the most is you have to have your bags searched before you can get in now. What is this world coming to???? We also went to homeschooling day at the Denver Zoo this week. This was the first time they have done this. I was pretty disappointed though because all the activities were inside but hopefully next year they will do things differently. We still got to walk around and see the animals but unfortunately I only had my I phone camera with me so the pictures did not come out so well or I would have shared with you. We did get to see a new baby zebra and giraffe though. I have also finally come up with some new card creations to share with you. The first one I am going to share is one that I had entered in the Technique Junkies Sept. Technique of the month contest. I did not win but it was still fun to do. The technique I used is called burnished watercolors. It is a technique from the Aug/Sept Technique Junkies newsletter. The stamps I used were from Alluring Impressions you should check out their website. They have taken over the Creative Chaos Rubber stamp line and will be selling their stamps from now on too.
On another note so far I am pretty happy with the new fall line up of TV shows. I still have quite a few new episodes of my favorite shows to catch up on but so far one of our favorite new shows is Kid Nation. Emilia really likes it too. I have to say I was not to sure about it when I orginally heard about it but now I think it has potential and it is always good to have another show on nighttime TV that kids can watch too. Dancing With The Stars took up most of my TV watching for the week. Looks like Julianne could win it again. We shall see though. In my opinion I think Wayne Newton should have been the first to go. It will be interesting to see how next week goes. With all the new nighttime TV shows on I have not had time to watch my food network shows but I am still watching Top Chef. The season Finale is Wednesday night. I think it is going to be between Casey and Hung to win. Well that is about all from here for now. Have a good night and thanks for stopping by.

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