Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BB is Over

Well it is official Big Brother 8 is over for this season and Dick is the winner. I was really hoping Danielle would win. Oh well. From what I heard Dick is going on an around the world vacation with his winnings. I hope he has fun. I have to say he definitely made BB 8 fun to watch. It will be interesting to see who turns up on the show next year but for now it is time for all the new fall shows to start. We have already started watching The Biggest Loser. Tonight we are going to give Kid Nation a try it will be interesting to see what that is like. Kitchen Nightmares starts tonight too. Tomorrow night is the start of Survivor China. The rest of the new fall shows start on Monday. I can't wait.
On another note I ended up buying the entire set of the new Spellbinders nestabilities dies last week. I just could not make up my mind about which ones to get so I got them all. I was really lucky to get the last set Ellen had too. These things are really in high demand. I was able to play with them a little bit yesterday but I had to watch the spellbinders video to figure out how to use them, once I did I really liked them though. I hope to be able to use them in some of my card creations soon.
Well that is about it from here. I hope I will be able to share some new cards I have been working on with you all in my next post.
Bye for now.

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Linda said...

I had a feeling Dick would win. He did make it a colorful show. I am looking forward to the next one, no telling what they will have on there next.
Congratulations on your nestibilities, that's a super set of tools to have on hand.