Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Well last nights dinner was a semi success. Unfortunately the chicken was not thawed out all the way and I did not cook it long enough so I had to microwave it to get it done all the way or we never would have eaten. It solved the problem though. I also can't use fettuccine noodles anymore because hubby informed me that he does not like them. I think I will try this one again with Penne though. Emilia and I are still enjoying Brain Age 2. Her favorite game on it so far is the piano one. I would have to agree with that as well. There also is a new version of Dr. Mario on this one. It is a calming version and it works too! Will won On The Lot last night. We were happy about that. Emilia and I still have not finished watching America's got talent but so far it is down to Cass and Terry. BB was okay. Looks like they are a few days behind from the Showtime one so no showdown between Dick and Jen yet. I am assuming they will show that Thursday. Jen got back doored in the veto competition so I think she will go home. Nothing good is on tonight for us all to watch so I think Emilia and I will catch up on food network shows. I will be taping Top Chef and Real World to watch later though. I finished my book last night (Homesick) like I was hoping to. It was pretty good. Well off do some Tai Chi before dinner.

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Ann said...

Hi Terri,
Looks like you got your blog layout fixed - looks good! But now I have to wait until you watch the rest of AGT and post about the winner. We watched last week and even voted (even though we missed most of the shows) and then forgot to watch Tues to see who won! H voted for the girl who sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow, G voted for Terry and I voted for Cas. Who will it be???