Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quilted Postcard and some other news

I hope you all are doing well. Unfortunately it has been a very stressful week around here. I went to the dentist on Tuesday for my six month check up and got some very disturbing news. As some of you know I have been dealing with unexplained mouth sores for over 2 years now. I have been to dentists,doctors,and an oral surgeon in the past to figure out what is causing them and have not gotten any answers but I was told by all of these people that they were nothing serious. Well Tuesday I had another sore in my mouth and when my dentist saw it she changed her mind about them. I didn't understand why she was suddenly so concerned about them now so I asked her point blank if she thought it was cancer and now she says it could be but then went on to say "if it was a bad kind of cancer it would have killed me by now". I still can't believe she said that to me. Needless to say I will be finding another dentist now but I have been very upset about this ever since. I am also in the process of getting another appointment with the oral surgeon I saw before for this but because I don't have dental insurance it has to go through my medical insurance first and that could take awhile. I am just praying that she is wrong and is just overreacting. Any extra prayers would really be appreciated right now though. In the meantime. I am trying to stay busy with my stamping to help keep my mind off of this

I have been wanting to make a quilted postcard for awhile now and finally had the chance to give it a try this week. It was a lot of fun to do and I hope to make more in the future. I started by stamping the open umbrella image from the Scattered Showers set with Black Stazon Ink on different colors of fabric. After that I cut them out and attached them to the background fabric piece with Stitch Witchery. When I was done with that I machine quilted the umbrellas with matching thread and then stamped the umbrella handles with black Stazon as well. I stamped the sentiment on the middle umbrella with Versamark and then embossed it with white embossing powder. I attached the quilted piece to a piece of maple wood veneer using heat and bond. Then I used the satin stitch to seal the edges. On the back of the postcard I drew lines for the recipient to write on. This postcard is up for sale in my Etsy shop if anyone wants to buy it.
As always thanks for stopping by and I hope to be back soon with good news about my health and more crafty things to share.


Etha said...

what a super cool postcard! just love the sewing on it, very neat.
Sorry to hear about your health issues, I really do hope that it all turns out to be stress sores or something, keeping you in my thoughts! I too would change the dentist.... but I can't believe you were at the oral surgeon before and he/she could not make a diagnosis, that seems odd.

Ann said...

Oh Terri. Good to change dentists. I also think since the oral surgeon didn't suspect anything serious then it likely isn't anything to worry about. I hope all goes well and you get an answer soon.

Do keep creating. It's great therapy :-)

Allison said...

Very cool idea! Hope you feel better!

Nettie said...

I love this Terri! you have done the quilting and fabric work so beautifully. Sorry to hear about your health fears and pray that the outcome will be good and not what you are dreading; how insensitive some of these health people are. Good luck xx

Anonymous said...

Sending positive, uplifting, healing, and comforting thoughts and prayers your way.

Maybe you have what I have, an auto-immune disease called Sjogren's. It destroys the moisture producing glands, and consequently there's not enough "spit", so you can get sores. It's a lot better diagnosis than cancer. Or maybe it's just a virus. Personally I am thinking it's nothing and projecting that out into the universe!!!

I'm sorry that woman was so insensitive, you'd think they would have better interpersonal skills after all of the education they have...

I'm also sorry that I got all upset and now I forgot what your card looked like, LOL. I'm sure it is lovely tho - xJ

Linda said...

Your postcard is fabulous!!!
My prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri - ty for stopping by my blog. Keep us/me updated on what you find out okay? You're in my heart -


Beth said...

Terri love your postcard and the quilting so pretty and colorful.
I hope you get some peace of mind soon about what is going on in your mouth please keep us updated.