Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Etsy 10 Day Challenge Day 3

For those of you that read my blog you know that I have become a big fan of using Wood Veneer. Here are a few samples of my work with it that I have shared here before incase you have not seen them.

The Kimono card was also just published in the Summer Issue of Rubber Stamp Maddness Magazine. It was my first time being published so it was very exciting for me to see one of my cards in print.
Pat The Wood Veneer Man and I have teamed up to sell the Veneer. So my listing for today is a sample pack of it.
You get all this to play with. As you can see from the samples there is a lot you can do with it and this is a really good way to give it a try. You can see the full listing here Now on to the other Etsy Sellers item that I am promoting today they are these pretty gift tags from Anastasia's shop You can see the full listing and the rest of her shop here
I was able to make some progress on the room switch yesterday hopefully I will get some more done later. For now I am off to finish school with Emilia again. I will be back tomorrow with Day 4 of the challenge. Until then I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Little B Bunny said...

Veneer??? What a cool idea!

AnastasiaC said...

Thanks so much for featuring my tags Terri! i need to add some cards too - this challenge is fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet lady, how are you? Great I hope.

What do you do with the veneer, I'm confused - I love the looks of those items, but wish I could hold them and look at them closely. They are just cool. Plus you got published??? Whooo hooo! Congrats on that.

TY for your comment btw, my throat is better today I think.

It's been a very challenging week here at MaidenShade. Working through blog issues, thinking of possible posts - and rueing the fact I'm not visiting everyone. Please, don't forget about me; )

Today's post is on some basics of HTML just in case that is something you're interested in. It does come in handy for working in blog posts, webpages, and listings if you have a store.


Pinky Creations said...

I love that you work with veneer!
I'm selling some business sized veneer in my supply shop, it's so cool!

Beth said...

awesome cards Terriand so cool using the veneer and congrats on being publish I am so happy for you.

Linda said...

That's a cool package of veneer. Good luck on the sales. You have done some very versatile things with them.

Linda said...

That's a sweet tag also. It's very elegant.