Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween and other stuff

Halloween went pretty well. It was really cold here when we went out and I almost froze my fingers off but Emilia and my niece Alexandra had a good time and got lots of candy. Emilia loves Halloween and American Girl dolls so we were really lucky to find a women that makes handmade American Girl costumes on Ebay. The dress matched Emilia's American girl doll Kirsten perfectly too. I know she will still get a lot of wear out of the costume now that Halloween is over and it is something she will always treasure. It is hard to believe the year is almost over now.
On another note. I am really bummed that Sabrina was voted off Dancing With The Stars this week. I thought she was going to win for sure. That makes me not want to watch that show anymore but I know I will. The Amazing Race starts again Sunday night. Rich really likes that show and it is another show we can all watch together so I am looking forward to it starting again too.
Well that's about all from here for now. I have been able to do some stamping this week so I hope to have some new card creations to share with you soon.

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