Thursday, September 18, 2008

Checking in and some TV talk

Sorry for not posting anything for over a week. Homeschooling Emilia is taking more time now and unfortunately I have not have much motivation to stamp either. I ended up placing a big Papertrey order Sunday night for all of the new release stamps. I should not have bought as much as I did but I had to have it all. I am hoping the stuff I ordered will help get my motivation to stamp back too. My order is suppose to arrive tomorrow which is a good thing because the Blog Hop is next week so I need to get busy working on something for that. I just wish I was as good at using my stamps as I am about buying them.
In other news I can't wait until next week when the fall TV shows start again. In the meantime my summer shows are coming to an end. The Big Brother finale was the other night and Dan was the winner. I think he definitely deserved to win and played the game really well. America's Got Talent is coming to an end too. They are down to the final 10 now and after tonight it will be the final 5. So far I am not sure who I want to win but I think it is going to come down to Neal, Queen Emily, Eli, Nuttin By Strings and Jessica Price or The Wright Kids (Emilia's pick). I would be happy to see any of them win. This yrs show has been pretty disappointing though. I cannot believe some of the people the judges put through. Project Runway is getting down to the end too. This is the first year I have watched it but I am enjoying it. Top Design is back as well. I am not really liking the host but still like the show. My food network shows have taken a back seat to my daytime talk shows since all of them are back now. It is especially good to have the Ladies from The View back. I am starting to like the Bonnie Hunt show too. Rich and I also have a new show we are watching together as well, it is called Dog Town. It is about a wonderful place in Utah that takes in hard to place dogs. I wish there were more places like that in the world. Well that's it from here for now. I will leave you with this though.
Isn't she cute?
I hope to be back soon with something stamping related to share with you.

ETA: I forgot to talk about The Greatest American Dog. The finale was last week and Emilia and I were very disappointed that Presley won. We both agree Andrew definitely should have been the winner.

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Linda said...

Hey, with an order like that, you should be all smiles real soon.
I am happy Dan won also, I was rooting for him. Welcome back to school.