Sunday, February 18, 2018

January Recap

Happy Sunday, It has only snowed 3 times here so far this winter. I am not complaining though. Today it is beautiful and suppose to be in the 60's that is all suppose to change tomorrow with more snow forecasted. I am still counting down the days until spring. How is the weather were you are?
January started off pretty well. I met with the functional medicine doctor again to talk about my health. We decided to give LDN another try. For those of you that don't know what that is it's a low dose of Naltrexon which is usually used for people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol but they are finding that giving it in small doses it helps people with chronic pain and autoimmune issues. I tried it once  before a few years ago but the dose was to high and caused me more pain. This time I tried it in a smaller dose but still had problems with it. I am giving it one more try in an even smaller dose because I really want it to work. I hoping this time it will help if not I don't know what else to do. This doctor does think I have Bechet's but not a lot is known about it though. Just trying to do the best I can to manage the pain in the meantime.
The new studio I talked about in my last post was finally finished and open for business. I put a post on our neighborhood website asking for people to come and try out a new chemical peel product for Emilia and got a lot of response. That kept her busy for a few weeks but unfortunately nothing after that. We have tried posting other services there but so far not much response. We have to be very careful what we post there though because for some reason this webpage does not want people promoting their businesses which makes no sense. She has tried other forms of advertising too but so far it is not working and unfortunately she got scammed by Yelp.  They charged her a lot of money for nothing.  Not sure if it is just the time of year or what but the lack of business has become very discouraging for her. I have told her that it just takes time but who wants to hear that? She has also tried applying for jobs outside of the house but the problem with that is most places want you to have a years experience and you can't have your own business too. Just hoping things will pick up for her soon she put a lot work into doing this and I really want it to pay off for her. If you have any ideas for ways to bring in business for her let me know. Here is a photo of the new studio. We love how it came out hope you do too.

January's are usually busy for us in our Etsy shop but this January it was not as busy so I had some extra time to make this Mad Hatter inspired party hat to go with our Alice in Wonderland themed tutu set.

Still working on my modern calligraphy. I got a little overwhelmed by everything and lost my mojo but I finally saw a challenge that got me going again. This challenge was from Lauren Hom and was to write your name and them add things about you. I have seen others do this kind of thing when they travel and have wanted to do something similar for a long time. I had no idea where to start though. I finally found a class on Britt and Co by Lauren herself and that got me started. A few days later I realized that she showed a little about how to do it in the email she sent out with the challenge so I could have saved the money. Oh well. This piece took me a long time to do because I kept changing things but I finally finished it and am pretty happy with it. It can be very inspiring for me to see others amazing work but intimidating at the same time too because it makes me feel like my work is not good enough. I try to keep reminding myself they have been lettering longer than I have and if I just keep practicing hopefully I will get there one day too.
Finally I made these paleo ginger almond biscotti. Love them! I think I may cut down the amount of ginger next time though because they can't get a little spicy.
That's all for now. I hope the rest of your February is a good one and I will be back next month with more to share then.

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