Saturday, December 16, 2017

November Recap

Happy Saturday. Can you believe it is the middle of December? We went 65 days with no measurable snow until yesterday. It wasn't much but at least we got some much needed moisture.

The month started off with me going to the dentist. It was just a 6 month checkup but I saw a new dentist this time. Turns out he was very nice and said the spot on my gum is Lichen Planus. He suggested I see an oral surgeon about it but at this point I am just going to wait for now. There is not much they can do for it anyways but it does prove that something autoimmune is going on. The following week I went to get the viral blood work done the neuro virologist suggested. Of course it came back normal like most of my test do so that was another waste of time and money. A week later I ended up with blood blisters on my tongue again. It just so happened to be the week of Thanksgiving so that made it even worse because it was so painful to eat I did not get to enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner.  I emailed the function med doctor the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to get a new prescription for the magic mouthwash that worked the last time. The one I had was expired and separated. I didn't hear back from her until Friday so I had to suffer through for days.  I know it was a holiday week but I got an email that said they would still be checking emails. I didn't think it would take that long to get a response but thankfully I finally got it and once again it worked. I hate the numbness feeling but at least it helped the pain and started the healing process. I have another appointment with her in Jan. Will see where we go from there then.

The appeal we made to Cigna to cover the visit to the vulvar specialist I saw in June was denied so we took it to the Colorado Board of Insurance and thankfully they were able to get them to cover it. We also found out that our current health insurance premium with Cigna was going up over $700.00 a month. It is already over $1000.00 and barely pays for anything because the deductible is so high. I was besides myself when I saw that. I don't understand how that is even possible. Thankfully Rich was able to get us health insurance through his business with United. It is still more than we are paying now but not as much as Cigna was going to charge us and it is a PPO so no more having to get referrals to see specialists so that is good. I created this modern calligraphy piece during that time. It really helps me to see things like this to keep from being so negative.
Emilia and I hosted Thanksgiving again. Emilia did most of the work I mainly just cooked the turkey. This was the tablescape she set up. She did a great job. 
I watercolored and lettered this that morning. I was inspired by something similar I saw online. I don't remember who made it to give credit though.

Things in our Etsy shop continued to keep us busy. I received a custom order that was the largest I have ever done and am very grateful for it. I wish all my buyers could be like this one. She has 2 kids who's birthdays are both in Jan. This crab nautical theme is for her soon to be 3 year old.
She went with the purple, aqua and pink penguin theme for her soon to be 1 yr old. I am still working on a few new items to go with that theme so will share those next month.

Finally I made this Paleo cranberry coffee cake from Paleo Gluten Free Eats  I was out of vanilla so I substituted almond extract. It was okay but I think I would like it better with the vanilla.

That's all for now I hope your holidays are good ones and I will be back in the new year with more to share then.

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