Sunday, May 7, 2017

National Pet Month

I am interrupting my monthly blog recap because May is national Pet Month. As most of you know we have 2 dogs. Sophie and Lily. They are my fur kids and mean the world to me.
Pets in general can bring great joy to your life as well as offer other health benefits too as you can see from this graphic
Some of the best things about my dogs is when I am having a bad day I know I can always rely on them to make me happy and my dogs are always willing to listen to me when I talk. They also give me purpose because they depend on me to be taken care of which I am happy to do. I got my first dog when I was 5 yrs old. He was a little white poodle who had wandered into our yard. My mom wasn't really a dog person and had never had a dog of her own so she tried to find his owner. When we found them they told her that he was returned to them by mistake and was really not their dog and did we want him. Thankfully my mom said yes and we got to keep him. We named him Snuffy after Snuffalupagus on Sesame Street. His favorite thing was eating chocolate chip cookies that my dad would feed him. Even with all that chocolate he lived a very long time. My mother was feeding him baby food with a spoon in the end to help keep him alive that is how much she grew to love him too. This photo was taken on my first day of Kindergarten, It is really old and not the best quality but hopefully you can still see him.
I had other dogs during my life too. Ashley the border collie. He was really my sisters dog. He loved balls. He always had a ball in mouth and could hold more than 1 at a time.
After Snuffy passed on I wanted a dog of my own and my mom finally agreed to let me have one.  I really wanted a Golden Retriever but she didn't want another big dog so I got Brandon who was a sheltie. Unfortunately something was wrong with his brain and he died very young. Sorry for the blurry photo that was the best one I could find.
Cassie was the first dog Rich and I got together. She was a black lab border collie mix we got from the shelter. She was a great dog and loved people. My Sophie reminds me a lot of her. Sophie does not like people as much as Cassie did though. When we would take her to the dog park she would go straight to the people not the other dogs. We got Dakota another border collie about a year later. Like Ashley she loved catching balls and frisbee too. All of these dogs were a big part of my life and I am forever grateful for the time I got to spend with them. I just wish dogs had a longer life span.
Pets bring so much joy to peoples lives many of them celebrate their birthdays now. A big part of my Etsy shop is making party decor for them too. These are some of my favorite photos of customers pets wearing my party hats and crowns. It bring me great joy to see these photos and to know my creations were a part of their special day.
I just love animals especially dogs. I would love to hear more about your fur kids too so leave me  a comment telling me more about them. Also be sure to check out this page to see some adorable puppies and the Puppyspot website if you are interested in getting a purbread and don't forget about the shelters in your area. There are lots of dogs and puppies that need homes there too.
That's all for now I will be back with my April recap soon.

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