Sunday, April 23, 2017

March Update

Happy April and Happy Spring.  The rest of March continued to be warm and dry here except for the last few days when colder air returned with rain and a little snow. Thankfully no big blizzards. I think it was one of the driest March on record. I am not complaining though.  It turned out to be great weather for my birthday on the 25th which does not happen often so I got to spend it at my happy place. The Denver Botanic Gardens. There was not a lot of flowers to see but it still was nice,
There are not just plants and flowers to see there. This is one of my favorite structures.
It is a beautiful Solarium.Usually it is to hot to be in for long when we go in the summer but this day it was cool enough to enjoy being in there for awhile. Here is some more information about it hopefully you can read it better if you click on it.

We also saw this beautiful tree in the Japanese Garden too.
Afterwards we stopped by Beet Box Vegan Bakery a place I have been wanting to visit for while and they had a little vegan/gluten free carrot cake that was just perfect for desert.  I also received these beautiful Tulips from my sister and niece, The mug was from Emilia, It says What would Zoe Hart Do? Unfortunately Rich put it in the dishwasher because he didn't know it was not dishwasher safe and now it only says What would do? The new ipad and pencil was a gift from Rich my mom and sister gave me a little money to put towards it too. 
Things in our Etsy shop have been been pretty slow which is discouraging. We are finding it is not just us though. Etsy has been making some changes that seem to be affecting a lot of people. Hopefully it will resolve soon. In the meantime we are still adding new product Unicorns seem to be very popular right now so we have added these unicorn themed items to the shop.

I also have this new mini glitter crown that goes great with this theme too.
We also got this great photo of a buyers dogs wearing my girl dog crown and boy party hat. Don't they look adorable?
Finally I wanted to share these paleo carrot cake cupcakes with you. They make a great late nigh snack. I put a small amount of tofutti on top.
That's all for now I will be back next month with more to share then.

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