Sunday, January 15, 2017

December Recap

Happy New Year. I hope 2017 has started off well for you and your family. Unfortunately ours did not. My Father In Law passed away very unexpectedly New Years Day. It was a big shock to us all.  Not the way you want to start a new year. He and my Mother In Law moved away from Denver when Emilia was about a year old. He was always looking for something but he never found it. I always enjoyed being around him though. The thing I liked the most about him is that he was very easy to talk to and loved to tell stories. He also loved to play golf and cook. I don't understand why he would choose to end his life the way he did. I just hope he has found peace now and my husband and his family will be able to get through this too. I know he had his reasons for doing what he did but I believe life is a gift. He had so much to live for. I just wish he could have seen that. He will be missed. Even though we didn't see him often we still have happy memories of him.
On a happier note Hanukkah started on Christmas this year so we were able to celebrate both at the same time which was a first.  We had my family over for a special dinner. Emilia designed the tablescape again.
I had to retire my Winnie The Pooh Menorah because I had used it so much it was not really useable anymore. I wanted to get an electric menorah instead but after 2 failed attempts neither would work so I decided to go with this one from Target.
Things in our Etsy shop have picked up again. Winter Onederland continued to be very popular in December but Penguins have become a big seller too.  This set is for the girls.

and this set is for the boys

We have also changed the name of our shop to Party Decor and Moore now that cards are not my main focus anymore This is the new logo.
Continuing on with my thoughts on the Gilmore Girls Revival. This month I wanted to talk about spring.Below are our thoughts.

1. We thought the therapist sucked. She never really said anything so what was the point? We were glad we got to hear how Richard passed though so at least we had some closure on that.
2. Why wasn't Ms Patty at the town meeting? She was always a central part of them so we really missed her presence,
3. Why wasn't Michele in the Gay Pride Parade?
4. Why were TJ and Liz not ever seen? They included them in the episode but we never saw them.
5. Who do you think wrote the letter to Emily?
6. Rory and the one night stand with the Wookie was really weird. Rory never seemed like that kind of girl but then again you never would have thought she would have been having an affair with a man that was engaged to someone else either. It was fun to see Lorelai and Rory together in New York though and great to see Mae Whitman from Parenthood. 
7. It was great to finally see Mr. Kim. We always wondered where he was. Wish he had more of a real part in the show from the beginning though.
8. It was weird to see the Dragonfly in such disray without Sookie.  I didn't really care for the whole pop up concept. While it would have been great if Melissa McCarthy had come back sooner I think it would have been better if Loreali had hired someone else to replace her and had a new friend.
9. While it was sad to see Rory so lost with everything in her life. We were happy to see her come home again.
Would love to know what you think of this episode so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments too. 
Finally I found this great recipe for paleo biscotti. I LOVE these cranberry almond biscotti  
The only thing I did different is not use the lemon zest. You could use orange zest though. I would highly recommend these.
That's all for now I hope the rest of your January is a good one and I will be back with more to share next month.

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