Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow and a Hanukkah Gift

I hope this post finds you all doing well. We are currently experiencing a winter storm here and it isn't even winter yet. Oh the joys of living in Colorado. Tuesday it was a nice warm day and now we have a least a foot of snow. That's Colorado for you. Emillia is loving it though, at least someone does. I am just hoping it won't take to long to melt. It has been snowing for 2 days now though. I sure hope this is not a prelude to what winter is going to be like. For those of you that like snow I hope you enjoy the photos.
Today I also wanted to share with you another Hanukkah item.

I made the tag by doing an alcohol ink smoosh where I put 5 different colors of alcohol ink on a craft sheet, added some blending solution then took a piece of white glossy cardstock and smooshed it all over the cardstock. After that I stamped the images from the Papertrey Mazel Tov set and embossed them with silver and Denim embossing powder. I crocheted the flowers and attached them to the silver snap clips then added white buttons to the middles. I think these would make a great Hanukkah gifts.
That's it for now. I am off to try and get some more holiday things made now and hope to be back to share them with you soon. Until then I hope you have a great day and it is warm where you are!


Beth said...

I'm with Emilia I love the snow Terri and it sure is pretty and so is your Hanukkah gift.

Diane Jaquay said...

Really cute! I need to make some of these for my daughter :)

Val said...

One of our sales reps live in CO and said he was snowed in the other day. Hope we still have a few weeks before we see all that. Love, love, love the gift/tag you made. The hair clips are adorable.

pattylt said...

From a fellow Coloradoan... I love the snow! I'm north of you and we didn't get as much. Love the Hanukkah gift and it makes this little Jewish girl happy to see some items I can relate to! ;-)

Cammie said...

Such a lovely gift idea! Love snow , but as a Tennessee girl, I like my snow in January.

BethieJ said...

Oh my.. I am one that will let you KEEP your snow! HA! I like it one day.. get my photos then DONE with it! LOL!!! (not that it happens like that here. but I can dream! LOL!)

I LOVE your tag and hair clips it turned out so PRETTY! Such a GREAT gift idea... and I LOVE the alcohol ink tech. I need to try that!! :)

Aimes said...

Oh way to 'smoosh'! Looks fab! I can never get my 'smooshing' to look that good!
Hope the snow's melted a little by now!

Heart and Sow Designs said...

Cute Hannukkah barettes. Nice snow pics too.