Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June Recap

Happy July. Hope you had a good 4th. We didn't do anything special to celebrate. I am not a fan of fireworks especially because they freak out our dogs. Even though they are illegal here in Denver people around us continue to set them off. Sophie is really afraid of them and she hides. They just make Lily mad. All she wants to do is go outside and bark. It is like she is trying to tell them to stop it.
The weather continues to be warm here. We planted flowers, 1 tomato plant and some basil the first part of the month. Emilia picked out these beautiful Azelas but they didn't do well in the pots we have because they get full sun. We replanted them in the front yard where there is more shade but they are still not looking great. Hopefully they will come back in the fall or next spring when it is cooler. The zinnia's and gerber daisy's I picked out are doing great though.
 I went to see a new rheumatologist a few weeks ago about my chronic pain/shoulder problems. She wanted me to have an MRI of my shoulder but I found out that it  is going to cost me approx $2,000 out of pocket because we have not met our deductible and are not even close to it so that won't be happening. Once again health insurance sucks!  This doctor also gave me some Lyrica samples to try but I had a bad reaction to it so I won't be taking that either. I am going back to the primary again soon. Hoping she will be of more help this time.
Emilia got her drivers license on the 23rd. Thankfully we made the right appointment this time but even with the appointment we were there for over 2 hours. They were an hour behind when we got there and the appointment was at 9:15. Thankfully she passed though so now she is free to drive on her own and is really starting to enjoy it.
Things were slow in my Etsy shop last month but the onesie's and tutu sets are continuing to be a big seller. Emilia made this girl nautical tutu set and I made the matching hat for a buyer last month. The buyer changed the colors to include bright pink too. I really like how it came out.

 This is a photo of her daughter Abrielle wearing it.
I found another great Paleo/dairy free recipe for you to try. Cranberry Walnut Scones. I changed the coconut sugar to raw honey. They are delicious. I would highly recommend them. You can get the recipe here
That's all for now. I hope the rest if your July is a good one.

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