Sunday, October 4, 2015

September Recap

Happy Sunday and beginning of October. Today we woke up to much cooler temperatures. It is definitely feeling more like fall.
In September Rich went to the Sand Dunes and to visit his brother in New Mexico. Before he left her got into a car accident, Thankfully no one was hurt except for the cars. While he was gone I was taking the trash out and in the process disturbed a wasp next under our air conditioner.  They were swarming around the trash cans so I was not able to get them to the curb for pick up the next day. I finally was able to spray them with the hose to get them to leave long enough for Emilia to grab the trash cans and get them to the curb. It was quite the ordeal though. Rich is usually the one to take the trash out and had ever had that problem. Why do those things always have to happened when he is out of town?
Emilia finally finished the dress she was working on and wore it to the musical Matilda that she went to with her friend Tabitha and cousin Alexandra.
Emilia is also continuing to bake and came up with an idea to take some of it to our local nursing home since we are not able to eat it all.  This month she made petite fours and cupcakes for a tea they were having. They were a big hit and she is suppose to bake again for them next month.
Things in my Etsy shop have been kind of slow but I did have a big order for teddy bear party and added some more items to my girl teddy bear theme.

I got another appreciation photo of a little girl dog name Chloe wearing the hat I  made her. Isn't she cute?
Lastly here is another gluten free recipe for you to try Crustless Pumpkin Pie 

It does have oats and honey in it so it is not  Candida or Paleo but would be acceptable on the Mediterranean Diet. I am now eating a combination of all three.
That's all for now. I hope the month of October is a good one for you and I will be back to share more next month.

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