Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Recap

Happy Sunday and last day of May. This month the weather has been terrible. I have lived here all my life and can only remember 1 other May like this. On Mother's Day it snowed. As you can see in the photo below our little tree was severely damaged by the snow but thankfully we were able to save it so far though.
The snow didn't last long but it rained almost everyday since then with highs only in the 60's and low 70's. We definitely needed the rain but not that much. The only good thing about all that rain is everything is really green right now and we have not had to use the AC yet. I think that is going to change today with high's in the 80's. At least it is starting to feel more like summer today though.
This month I have been dealing with some past health problem's that have flared up again. We went back to Kaiser for our health insurance after Obama Care came into effect mainly because it was the most affordable option but also because we had been there when Rich was not self-employed and wanted our old doctors back. Unfortunately it looks like we made the wrong decision.  I was originally diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis when we were with Kaiser. I had not been back to see the doctor that diagnosed me with it yet because I was not having problems until a few weeks ago when they started again. I emailed my primary care doctor to see if she could fill the scripts I usually take when I have these kind of problems since I had not seen the old doctor that had diagnosed me with it yet but she refused. I finally got the old gyno to fill them without seeing me but it took another 3 days to get the meds because of a mix up with the pharmacy so by the time I got them I was in a full flare and have been pretty miserable every since. The thing that makes me the maddest is I was not asking for narcotics I was asking for yeast pills/cream! My primary has also made it very hard to get refills on my other meds for my migraines and chronic pain as well. I am not one of those people that likes taking meds and only take what is necessary so I don't understand why she is making this so hard. I was going to switch health insurance companies and find a new doctor but found you can't switch for a year with Obama Care. Healthcare really sucks in this country! If any of you know a way around this or a good doctor here in Denver let me know.
Even though it has been hard to sit I have still been working. Now that summer is almost here my nautical party line is getting popular again. I also have a buyer who has 11 rescue dogs mainly Chihuahuas. I have made birthday hats for almost all of them now. The hats below were for 3 of them that had birthdays around the same time this month  so since I have already shared most of my Nautical theme items before here are some of the hats I made for her.

Emilia is almost done with 11th grade. She only has 1 course left, English 3. Hopefully she will be done with that by the middle of the summer and then will take some time off. She finally finished her skirt. Below is a photo of it. Now is is working on a dress. Hopefully that one will not take as long to finish as the skirt did. She is really enjoying her sewing lessons though. I also hired someone to give her driving lessons. Neither Rich or I were being a good teacher. The lessons went well and she is driving with more confidence now. I am still a nervous wreck when I ride with her but am hoping in time that will get better.

That's it for now, I hope your last day of May is a good one and the start to summer will be warm and sunny where you are. 

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