Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Recap

Happy Tuesday and last day of March. As I predicted it is going out like a lamb. It is in the 70's here today. That is all going to change by Thursday but I am still grateful for the nice weather as long as it lasts though.
The month started with a big order. The theme was lady bugs. I have done ladybugs before but this buyer requested the colors be changed to bright pink,  green and purple. She also ordered a few things that I had not made in that theme before which are included in the collage below.  All the dots on the ladybugs were pieced by hand and a lot of work but was worth in in the end. The buyer loved everything and I was happy with how it turned out too. 
I celebrated my 46th birthday on the 25th. I woke up to snow but by the afternoon thankfully the sun came out. Below are a few of my favorite things my family gave me to help celebrate
I finally found a good replacement for PTI's spring rain cardstock. MFT just started carrying a new color called Blue Breeze that is almost a perfect match! They finally got all the other colors I wanted in stock too so I was able to place a big order. Still hoping to do a color comparison soon.
Emilia's birthday is Thursday. I will post about that next month. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can still do what we planned,  Until then I hope your last day of March is a good one and it goes out like a lamb where you are too.

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Linda C said...

Congratulations on finding all your colors in one place now. Crossing fingers they will be a perfect match. Your lady bug items are precious!