Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Recap

Happy Tuesday and last day of September . It was still feeling like summer here the last couple of weeks. That all changed yesterday though. We had torrential rain and much cooler temperatures. It is suppose to be like that for the next few days too. At least I won't have to run the AC.
What a crazy month. It all started with Rich going on a vacation by himself to what I would call the middle of nowhere. (Big Ben State Park in Texas). This is someplace he has wanted to go for awhile It turns out it was so isolated there was very little cell service or contact which I was not happy about but there was nothing I could do about it so I just tried to go on with my week but that turned out to be a challenge.
The day after Rich left Lily got sick I woke up to what I thought was her throwing up but it turned out she had a terrible cough that came out of nowhere. I watched her for a few hours but she was not getting any better so my sister came over and we took her to the emergency vet, After waiting over an hour at the emergency vet they could not find much wrong with her and sent her home with cough meds and something for her stomach which didn’t make any sense. When we got her home I noticed when she would try to lay her head down she would do this retching thing. It was very scary to watch and she had a bad night. I called the vets office in the morning to talk to the vet I took her to when she had her foot surgery but he never called me back so we had another bad night, I finally got him to call me back on Tuesday morning but was not very nice. I ended up sending him some videos of what she was doing and after seeing them he was going to prescribe something else for her a but thankfully my home vet called and told me to give her children’s Mucinex instead and thankfully that solved the problem. I would never have thought to give her something like that but thankfully it worked. 
 In the meantime my mother had gone to the doctor because she had been holding a lot of water and when she got there the doctor did an EKG and thought she had a heart attack. She then insisted she go in to the hospital again. I had to talk to the doctor myself because my sister will not talk to her doctor because she had a bad experience with her in the past to make sure my mother heard her right and she did. After talking my mother's doctor told me the EKG showed some changes that made her think that and her sodium levels were very low so my mother agreed to go back to the hospital to be evaluated again so my sister took her over.  Her doctor was supposed to call the orders in but when they got to the hospital they had to start all over again before they would admit her and that took over 5 hours. Thankfully after more tests they decided she did not have a heart attack but had to get her sodium levels back under control so they kept her overnight.  On top of that my prescription antinflamatories that I had ordered before Rich left still were not filled so I had to call the doctor’s office to see what was going on with that. I finally got the doctor to refill it but it took over 2 weeks before it arrived and I ran out not good when you are dealing with chronic pain. Thankfully we made it through the rest of the week without anymore major problems and Rich made it home safely. 
During that time I had a big order to do. The buyers last name was Dots and their daughter loved their red polka dot coffee mugs and dogs so I put a new spin on the dog themed items and this is what I came up with.

I love how everything came out but I especially like the dog shaped favor boxes. The tops are personalized with a thank you from the birthday girl.  I don't know what the buyer ended up putting in them but I think they would be great for dog shaped cookies. 
One last thing  before I go. Below is photo one of my buyers shared with me of her dog Pixie wearing the party hat I made her. Isn't she adorable?

I hope your last day of September is a good one. I will be back next month with more to share then.


Jan said...

She is adorable. I dress my two up also. They love to wear their pretty clothes and scarves. Your baby is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

June K said...

Love that dog house box. So cute. And that birthday hat on the dog is adorable.

What a September you had. I hope your October is much better.