Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Recap

Happy Saturday.  It's hard to believe that it is the end of September. It feels like it flew by. We woke up to a chilly morning and no heat. It is suppose to be in the 70's again tomorrow though so we are going to try and get through until monday to call for repair.
The month started out great with my 1000th sale in my Etsy shop on September 3rd. I never thought I would see that number. This just proves that you should never give up and all my hard work is finally paying off.
The middle of the month my mother had another surgery. She ended up with an infection in her ankle bone. She was on IV antibiotics everyday to try to resolve it but it was not working so they removed about 1/3 of bone. Turns out the biopsy did not show an infection though which was odd but she continues to have IV antibiotics every day with 2 more weeks to go.The rest of the leg is still continuing to heal but the bone infection has delayed the skin grafts. We are hoping she will not need them now and the leg will heal on it's own. The last thing she needs is another surgery. She will find out in October though.
The beginning of the month also brought us torrential rains with a good portion of the state flooding. Thankfully we were spared down here but it is sad to see all the loss. During that time I ended up with an ear canal infection and had to go to urgent care. Not sure if the weather had something to do with it or not but the pressure changes did not help. Before that I had another bad experience with my primary care doctor so I will be finding a new one.Why is it so hard to find a doctor that wants to figure out the problem instead of blowing it off?
This month I added an airplane party theme to my shop which includes a hat, high chair banner, cake topper and photo clips. I used the cut files from this SVG set for the airplanes reduced by 50%
 I also completed this boy version of my best selling girl shabby chic set. .
I used Betsy Veldman's tutorial for the 3D stars but added Gesso to mine to make them look more shabby,.
That's all for now. I hope your weekend is a good one.  I will be back next month with more to share.


Linda Nicholson said...

Super cute! Any little one would feel special having this ensemble for their birthday!

The rain here in CO was crazy wasn't it? I've lived here 40 years and don't ever recall the fires and flooding like the last two years.


BethieJ said...

Terri I LOVE the birthday sets!
CONGRATS on the 1000 in sales!!
Hope your mom is doing better and hope your feeling better.. sorry to read about the ear infection!
Have a GREAT day!