Monday, July 29, 2013

July Recap A Long Road Ahead

It is hard to believe it is the end of July. The summer is going by way to fast. A lot has happened since I last wrote. The month started with the visit to a specialist about my moms leg. What happened at that appointment was a total shock to all of us. This doctor, if you even want to call him that walked in the room after being over an hour late took one look at my moms leg and then said " It's to bad that I am the one that has to tell you that you are going to lose your leg" The whole time she had been sick no one had ever told us that. Unfortunately I was not there or I would have let him have it. My sister gave him a piece of her mind though and they left. I was on the phone with my mothers primary care doctor immediately after that and she was able to get her into another doctor the next week. Thankfully after looking at the leg he recommend that she have it debridement to remove the dead tissue something my sister asked the other doctor about doing but all he wanted to do was cut it off. It is amazing to me who is allowed to be a doctor in this world. On July 16th she had surgery to debride the leg and thankfully he did not run into any bone or tissue and was able to save it. It as a day surgery so they let us take her go home later that day, I kept begging her to let me get some help for her at home that night but she refused. When my sister and I got her home she passed out on us twice so I had to scramble to find some help anyways. Thankfully I was able to find someone at the last minute so we could go home after being with her most of the day. She made it through the night but she only allowed me to have help for her until the middle of the next day. The rest of the week she was on her own with our help but was still very weak. She has not been eating much either. Unfortunately Medicare will not pay for non medical help that is all out of pocket so that limits the amount of help I can get for her too which really sucks. My sister and I are doing as much as we can to help her but she makes it hard because she still refuses any other help and tries to do to many things she should not be doing on her own. She has to go back for skin graphs in about 6 weeks. This doctor is still optimistic that the leg can be saved but we are not out of the woods yet. The skin grafts will be even very painful and will require her to say in the hospital for 5-6 days so they can manage the pain and make sure the skin graphs take. She is not able to take any strong pain meds though. She is getting by on antinflammatory and Tylenol. At this point all we can so do is  pray the leg continues to heal correctly so they can do the skin graphs. In the meantime trying to keep her from doing much, getting her to eat and taking her meds correctly is the biggest challenge at the moment though. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for her so far and has taken the time leave me comments here. If you could continue to pray for her and all of us that would be much appreciated. There is still a long road ahead all we can do is just try and take things one day at a time.
Besides everything going on with my mom I am still swamped with Etsy orders.I did make some time this month to come up with a new Nautical party theme that I have been wanting to make for awhile now. This is what I came up with.

It all started with the party hat then evolved from there. I am really happy with how it came out I hope you like it too. I  hope to add a new theme each month so be sure to check back.
We celebrated Rich's birthday on the 24th. I did not have time to make him a card and I am running out of ideas for cards to make him  with birds on them so I bought him this card from this Etsy Seller 
The Kesterel is his favorite bird so this was the perfect card for him.
One more thing I wanted to share before I go. 
Our container gardening is doing well. This grew in our pepper plant. I didn't plant any sunflowers so these must have come from the birdseed. I love sunflowers so this was a very welcome surprise.
That's all for now I will be back next month with another update hopefully sooner if time allows.


guilinger2 said...

Hi Terri,
My best friend's mother had her leg amputated last month. It also came as a quick diagnosis, so was quite a "surprise". However, Char had been in constant pain for over a year with several different surgeries and treatments that did not resolve the problem. It started with a simple cut that would not heal, and went deeper and deeper into the nerves so that it became unbearable. Char was quick to say, yes, please, anything to stop this pain! She definitely has needed a lot of home care, but she is getting a prosthesis today, and everyone is hopeful that she will soon be able to do more for herself. I don't know if your mom's issue is similar, but I just wanted to let you know that if an amputation does become necessary, it may be a better solution than you think. I am hoping that her treatment will help her improve however, and that amputation won't need to be considered as a cure. (by the way, Char is 83 years old). Prayers and best wishes to your mom and your family as you deal with her health issues.

Jan said...

Hi Terri,
I am sorry to hear about your Mom's health problems. I will ray for all of you. I lost my Mom 3 years ago at age
92. She was legally blind and lived with us for the last 8 years. I also lost my husband 4 years ago. It was very difficult loosing them 9 months apart. I know what you are talking about with doctors. I fell 15 months after Mom died and broke my hip. The Orthopedic doctor here did not get it repaired correctly. I was in pain and he decided 6 weeks later to replace the screws he had put in. Still in constant pain after 2 months I went to my primary care doctor, who is a surgeon. He couildn't believe the shape I was in and sent me 150 miles to an excellent Orthopededist that specialized in problem hips. In a month he did a hip replacement and no pain. It just being able to get to the right doctor. Don't give up and keep all your prayers going. I hope for the best for all of you. Others do care. God bless, Jan