Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pink Saturday and a Personal Update

Once again sorry for not posting anything all week. Life has been a bit crazy around here. We ended up taking Emilia to the pediatrician on Monday for her back. Our regular doctor was not in but the one we saw did a bunch more tests and still could not come up with anything that was causing her so much pain. She did end up giving her something stronger for it though, Naproxen, but it ate her stomach up. I kept asking them for a muscle relaxant instead but they said there were no safe ones to give to children. Emilia is not a little kid anymore though she is almost as big as me. Our pediatrician finally ended up giving her Valium. Thankfully I didn't have to give it to her. I still want to know how Valium is safer to give a child than a muscle relaxant?? Fortunately I was able to get enough doses of Naproxen into her that it helped her back pain but now she is on Zantac to get her stomach back to normal. At least her back pain is gone now though. They had scheduled her for an MRI next Thursday but if she continues to be pain free this weekend I am going to cancel it. On top of that my dad ended up in the hospital Wednesday morning too. My mom said she found him in bed having what she thought was a seizure. She was able to get him to come out of it but he didn't know who she was after that. He managed to get himself dressed and let her drive him to hospital though. They have done tons of tests on him the last few days too to come up with nothing that could have caused it. He is still in the hospital for observation though. Hopefully they will let him come home soon. Because of all this I have not had much time to stamp but today I am sharing a special order I was able to get done the other day for a fellow homeschool mom's daughter who's birthday is next week. She had seen the crochet flowers I made in this post and asked me if I could make them into barrettes and pins. I thought that was a great idea and told her yes. This is what I came up with
She loved how they came out so I offered to make packaging to put them in.

I started with the My Timeless Template Ready Set Wrap. I used Hibiscus Burst Cardstock for the base then created the floral paper by stamping PTI Stampers Select White Cardstock with the grid stamp from the Guildlines set using versamark ink. After that I created the pattern paper by stamping the flower from the PTI Little Lady set in the grid using Berry Sorbet,Hibiscus, Plum Pudding and Lavender Moon Perfect Match Ink. When I was done with that I colored in the middles with a Y17 Copic Sketch Marker. For the outside wrap I used Plum Pudding Cardstock that I embossed with the Swiss Dots embossing folder. To finish it off I tied some Hibiscus satin ribbon around the front then added a tiny tag that was stamped with the birthday wishes sentiment from the original mixed messages set with Plum Pudding Ink to the handle and tied it with some jute twine. When the box is opened you will find this. I made a small matching matchbox to put the barrettes and pins in.
You can see a great video for how to make one here.
I am planning on making more of these to put up for sale in my Etsy shop when I get some extra time but if anyone is interested in buying one before then let me know I am happy to do custom orders and as you can see they make great gifts. That's it for now. Be sure to stop by Beverly's blog to see what everyone else is sharing today. I am hoping to be able to make my monthly technique video this afternoon and things will get back to normal next week. I am planning on staring school with Emilia again on Monday too but we are only going to do it part time until after Labor Day. As always thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great Pink Saturday.


♥Mimi♥ said...

♥Happy Pink Satuday♥
Really cold (50s) in upper Michigan today with a dark sky. I need all the pink I can get this morning. Thanks so much for helping lift my spirits!

My gosh, how in the world could you put a blog post together with all that's going on in your life?

Wishing you a weekend filled with sunshine and happiness.

Ann said...

When it rains, it pours! So sorry to hear about Emilia and your dad. I do hope things settle down for you all soon and that everyone is much better. Take care.

Aletha J. Williams said...

I hope things has settled down. I would ask how you put everything together for this post, but I won't. This may have been your way to help you with your stress. You are a very strong and loving person!

Leann said...

Wow, the barettes are great, but I really like the packaging too!

I hope that both your daughter and your Dad are feeling much better!

Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love company!

Enjoy your day!

LV said...

You are a very brave lady to tackle your post along with all your other issues. Do trust that all will be better soon. Prayers and time have a way of working things out for us. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have lots to think about and do in the past week. I sure hope and pray that as days go by everything will at least come clear. It's hard when you have nothing to start with.

On a cheerful note, the package you made is very pretty! The little girl who's celebrating her birthday must be really excited to receive her package.

Katie said...

I am so sorry to hear of the troubles your family members are having. She may grow out of the pain, I had terrible pain in my legs as a child. I would wake up screaming. I remember it very clearly. The docs never did find out what caused it and eventually it all stopped. Maybe it's just growing pains? I hope your Dad get better too. Take care of yourself and Happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about all of these things Terri! I'm sending all of the positive uplifting loving and healing thoughts and prayers I can for you and yours. Your items, as always are so beautiful and well done. You are talented and industrius in spite of your recent obstacles, quite a witness.

Say, MaidenShade Matters is having a give away and I'm letting people on my "where I wander" blog list know. Please, pass it on!

Thanks, Jennifer

Audrey said...

Very nice Terri. DEid they do a CAT scan on your Dad to rule out a TIA (Mini stroke)? Does he know everyone now? I would imagine so. If that happens again, your Mom is better off calling an ambulance than to take him herself. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family give your daughter a big hug and kiss for me. I may not know her, but I have girls and they are all grwon up now. I miss them being young!

Cara said...

Terri, I hope your daughter and dad are doing better. Hugs ad prayers to you.