Friday, July 31, 2015

July Recap

Happy Friday and last day of July. I hope your month has been a good one. The rain finally stopped here and it has been in the 90's so summer is finally here. Not much new to report it has been a pretty quiet month. Emilia has been cake decorating again. This month she made a watermelon cake
Which matched perfectly with my new watermelon themed party line in my Etsy shop
Things have been slow in my Etsy shop this month but I received these cute appreciation photos from a buyer I wanted to share.
Another candida/gluten free recipe I found that I like is this one.
I didn't add the blueberries. I put strawberries on the top instead. You can get the recipe here.
Rich's birthday was on the 24th. He hates his birthday but Emilia still made him this key lime pie which is his favorite and he enjoyed it.

That's all for now. I hope August will be a good month for you. I will be back to share more then.